How Much Does A Website Cost?

We've seen all sorts of adverts offering cheap websites but we are not sure that what is offered is what we actually need. We really don’t know what our budget should be. Can you help us with that?

OK wehave many different clients for whom webuild websites from small one-man bands to large corporate entities. For a simple site the cost with be around£2k.

Well now that is a surprise. If we have a budget of just £2000 you can make us a bespoke website. Is that right?

Yes it is. We can build you a simple site for that.

I actually think that we need to have something that is more detailed, what are the costs involved for an all singing all dancinggreat website? Or maybe one that is one up from the simple site?

Right, let me explain.Cost will be dependent on what your business needs. As a full-service agency wewill handle absolutely every aspect of creating your website.Although we do produce simple sites for about £2000 most of the bespoke sites that we build will cost between £6000 and £10000

That seems more like it,as a business we are aware of what costs can be and £6000 seems very reasonable, how does that break down?

Finding out what you need is first, a higher profile?Maybe higher search rankings ormore leads. From this we can compile a design brief, show you what we have come up with and arrive at a design that you are happy with.Next we build on that so that the ideas come together in a real website. With the techy bits like hosting as well as backing up the whole thing comes together into the finished site. We can even offer training so that you can do any updating yourself if you would like to.

Will I be told the cost before you get started?

Yes, we will work together to see what you need.We appreciate that you want to know how much your new site is going to cost and we'll itemise that for you before we make a start. But always remember that your website is your shop window and is an investment, not a cost.

I suppose that there are sites that cost more than £6000, what is the cost made up of then?

Oh yes, sites can cost £10000 - £20000 and more! Site costs will rise when a website performs a function with data display or complex graphics. At DubSEO we will always be completely transparent about our costs and we will explain what your investment is being used for- that is the least you would expect from a professional agency – right?

What about SEO and marketing costs?I see you offerinbound marketingand SEOdo I need that and how much will it cost?

Good question!Inbound marketing means generating business leads by solving problems for people. SEO is how the right visitors are attracted to your site. Inbound marketing costs might seem steep but compareit to what it currently costs you to get new customers.And those old fashioned adverts are getting less effective, aren’t they? Frist we will create a strategy, a plan that will get your website seen by the right people at the right time. We will use things like creating videos, infographics and blogs, to target your customers where they are looking for information online (YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, etc.). This will cost anything from £3000 to £5000 and you need to budget from £2000 - £3000 a month for a retainer. Sometimes it may be more, and occasionally it will be less. Remember, this is an investment and inbound marketing is definitely the gift that will keep on giving. Any more questions?

It all sounds great, just what we need We need to up our game and we must generate more leads from our website and it sounds like that's something you can help us with. Thanks. Can we ring you anytime?

Yes, just contact us through the website or by phone on: