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Social Media Management

Digital Marketing is an accumulation of a lot of different pieces which work together to drive results (sales, leads, website visitors; whatever the goal) by generating interest from internet browsers.

Let’s answers a few of the most popular questions when it comes to social media management and why your business needs it.


What is Social Media Management?

In simple words, social media management is a process of managing a set of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ on your behalf.


Why would you want an agency like DubSEO to manage your Social Media?

Social Media Management goes beyond just posting a tweet about your product or service. On the surface area, it involves constant engagement with your audience, discovering new opportunities to make your business visible to different audiences and more. On the more complex side which is tremendously important, we have social media specialists that know the platforms inside out. They will work accordingly with the platform algorithm to increase your online presence, do an in-depth analysis of data which isn’t really talked about, but is fundamentally important as it indicates the direction of your business & if something needs adapting or changing and many more details which will make or break your online business.

In simple terms, you don’t only pay for great content creation, there is so much more to it behind the scenes which you don’t typically see or hear people talk about because it’s hard and very time-consuming.


Choosing the Right Social Media Management Platforms

Before we start putting together everything, we will give you a brief overview of the different social media platforms and how they will benefit your business. We will also give you a couple of statistics to consider.


The most prominent social media platform to date with over 2 Billion monthly active users. That’s over 1/4th of the entire population of planet earth. It’s a big deal and an absolute must regardless if you have a flower pot business or sell pens.


The most aesthetically driven social media platform ever with over 1 Billion monthly active users worldwide. Instagram is the network where things happen very quickly and you can tell your business story through visual content which sells like no other. It is perfect for lifestyle, clothing, art, sports and just about any industry. As long as you work with the right agency, your business will blow-up.



With over 335 million active users worldwide, it is the platform where users go to discuss news and trends. It very much community orientated and a discussion platform where everyone wants to get their word across. A truly great place to establish your brand and get everyone talking about you.


It is better known as the business social media platform. It is a great place for B2B engagement. With LinkedIn, you can reach business owners and employees from all over the world, in all kinds of industries and provide value. In return, who knows; you might get to do business with someone that will take your business to the next level. It is an absolute must, especially if you are a personal brand.



Owned by Google, the biggest search engine since we can all remember. Doesn’t really need an introduction as to why it is so valuable to your business. It has far more benefits to people finding your business organically through search engines than any other social media platform which is why we highly recommend it. It also has over 110 million active users.


Pinterest is a huge aesthetically driven social media platform like Instagram, however, it is much different. It has become a must-have for businesses that have consumers interested in DIY, crafts, home design, nutrition, fitness, fashion and really any industry that can be aesthetically represented. With over 175 million active monthly users, it is absolutely worthwhile.

We will further discuss the individual social media platforms in more detail so we can pick the right ones for you, but remember, the more content you have, and the more you spread it out, the higher potential your business has online.


Developing a Social Media Strategy

Once we decide upon the social media networks that you want DubSEO to manage, our experts will sit down and create working social media strategy for your business. A lot goes behind that, and we will not bother you with any of it.

Creating a Social Media Schedule

Once we have a strategy in place, our experts will discuss the best times to post each day specifically catered to your industry, current analytics and long-term goals to maximise your online potential.


Creating and Posting Content to Social Profiles

We have talented, passionate and knowledgeable content creators which will create creative and engaging content on daily basis and use the right tools to fully maximise the content potential. A lot of research will go into content for your particular business so we can get everything right on the spot from the get-go.

We will also source, edit and optimise high-quality images and videos to go with the content. Just by doing this, your business is already 95% ahead of everyone. Why don’t others do it? Because it is hard and very time consuming to be done multiple times, every single day.


Responding to Fans and Followers

Your dedicated social media manager will be in touch with every single person that comments on any of your social media profiles because relationships are so, so important. Leaving your followers in the dark by not responding will soon make them go away and stop engaging with you and your content.


Engaging with Others on Social Platforms

This is a big one! We will ensure that we spend a lot of time engaging with others within your space. It is important for others to know that you exist right? This is one way to do it, and it is a very effective one too.



Social Media Advertising


Sometimes organic growth isn’t enough and we need to tap into paid advertising. Our advertising team has decades of combined experience and know every single little detail about social media paid advertising. From setting it up, to using the right copy to truly drive results and link your business with new, loyal customers.

This is an extremely complex procedure and although pretty much anyone can set an advert up, that doesn’t mean that real results will be driven, meaning that you are only going to waste your valuable money. We recommend you to just hire an expert at DubSEO.




We can sit and talk about social media and its importance to your business for days.

Please remember that if your business is not on social media and if you are not producing content, you do not exist in the current market. You are invisible and you are losing market share which causes you to leave a lot of money on the table by simply not reaching interested consumers.


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