Conducting a PPC campaign successfully is about sending the right message to the right people and at the right time through the appropriate device.

Reliable PPC Agency in London to Boost CTR by 110%

A PPC agency in London mainly focuses on PPC marketing, targeted search, display marketing and management services to help all kinds of businesses achieve higher conversions online. Different brands will not dominate search results anymore despite their huge marketing budgets. This equitable situation is made possible since online advertising has been revolutionised. This can greatly be attributed for the pay-per-click (PPC) model. Thus, PPC model is the standard tool used to secure the right footprint for every online business.

Why choose our PPC marketing and management agency

DubSEO is a reputed PPC agency in London having great expertise in management and paid marketing with all-inclusive digital marketing strategy. We will also conduct PPC campaigns to meet the unique requirements of our clientele.

We have a team of Google-certified PPC experts who will make your paid-search campaign big success. These professionals certainly leave nothing when it is about conducting a thorough keyword research and defining a challenging campaign to restrict costs and improve sales.

Our graphic designers possess in-depth experience and expertise in delivering eye-catching displays, remarketing and placement advertisements that help to improve awareness of your online brand. Apart from being a leading PPC marketing company in London, DubSEO is engaged in creating precise content for paid content syndication campaigns.

Ensure better results at affordable rates

Continuous assessment of your account

We know how to modify your pay per click account so that it offers the most favorable return on your investment.

Maintain a track of the leads

By evaluating the source of leads thoroughly, you can stay informed about adjustments made to the present campaign and improve the quality of leads.

Paid search management

Our seasoned PPC professionals will manage your PPC campaign so that it delivers you the most effective results.

Going that extra mile

DubSEO goes that extra mile in delivering success that you deserve and we will also re-work your marketing, when needed.

Effective strategy for second chance of conversion

Our remarketing strategy includes targeting ads for the individuals who want to compare products or services across various online portals.

Responsive PPC

Our professionals will ensure that all PPC ads are optimised and compatible for mobile devices to create ads that match the expectation and the necessity of mobile users.

Ecommerce with Google shopping

Google Shopping is an important part of every pay per click management campaign. It offers good opportunity for higher conversions at a comparatively lower cost for each conversion.

Are you interested in discussing about paid search?

Get in touch with our members to discuss how a paid search can generate higher ROI for you.

PPC Campaign Management Package

Thorough research and proper marketing strategy

Before starting the campaign, our PPC professionals will spend sufficient time in conducting in-depth research about your business and targeted audience. This helps in creating a template for customised campaign strategy that delivers positive and quick results.

Save money through professional insight

DubSEO believes in offering better value for money to our clients. We are always looking for suitable opportunities to strengthen and support on-going campaigns through more keywords and optimising landing pages etc.


Remarketing to improve conversion rate

We mainly target visitors who have already visited your website but have not converted into customers through our remarketing strategy.

Our professionals keep on refreshing their memory with targeted messages by using Google Display Network.

Optimising conversion rate

All PPC campaigns consistently provide real-time insight into your business performance. The information we gather from running your PPC can be used to evaluate your progress continuously and combine it with success.