What are backlinks and how do I build or earn website backlinks?

What are backlinks and how do I build or earn website backlinks?

Backlinks are sites that are linked to your site and for most search engines they are the passport to a higher ranking for you. Sear engines like organic traffic too. There are several linking methods and one of them is the ‘building with broken links’ method. This works really well to create one-way backlinks. It works by you contacting a Webmaster to point out that a link is broken and then suggesting other links (yours) that could connect to his site. As broken links are bad news the fact you have done him a favour will likely mean he will connect to your site. DubSEO can help you with this.

Are there any other way to get back-links?

Yes Infographics is one of the most popular ways to get traffic to a website and to establish those backlinks. They have an advantage because they are easy to share and to understand. Everyone is drawn to visual data, and that is why the demand of infographics has increased so much. We can certainly help you with that.

I have heard that having guest articles on my website can help with back-linking is that right?

Yes it is, there is no doubt that one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences is to have guest blog on the site. If you publish on other sites you will reach a wider audience. It is not always about the backlink it is just as important to increase your online reputation and social media followers. It will help leverage relationships too. We can show you how to do this and can even supply quality content for your blogs on a regular basis if you need us to.

DubSEO are expert in backlinks and we will be very happy to help you with this aspect of your website.