How Can I Deal with Bad Reviews on Google Local?

There is more interaction on the Internet now than there has ever been and the era of feedback is going from strength to strength. Form the local bakery to an International travel company, all of them have reviews. But the fact is that many bad reviews are left un-responded to. It is a fact that 93% of people will read reviews before they buy anything from a sticky bun to a round the world trip so this part of your business offering is important.

So what can I do if I get negative reviews?

Even the very best of companies will get some negative reviews. Remember the old saying, you can’t please all the people all the time. They can happen for a variety of reasons from people having a bad day or genuinely having a problem with goods or services. The best thing to do is to fight fire with, well, not fire but some concerned and placatory remarks, offering the disgruntled client the chance to speak to you about his or her complaint and give you the chance to make things right. It is this kind of approach that will lead to more custom and more trust from Google. Things can always go wrong, it is what you do when that happens that makes the difference and elevates your site on Google and other search engines. This is an area that you ignore at your peril - go to your reviews regularly and thank people for positive ones and do what you can to put the wrong ones right.

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