How can I rank higher on Yelp?

As a business owner, you will automatically be on Yelp - like it or not! Since that is the case you might as well optimise your Yelp page and use the power of Yelp. We can help you to make the most of this free advertising channel. Without having to buy add-ons like adverts etc., we can get you making the most of your Yelp listing and rising in the search engine rankings.

That sounds good, how can that be done?

First we will need to identify the keywords that you want to use to rank on Yelp. We will usually use long tail keywords for this or if your services are very niche then we will use that to your advantage too. We are experts in working out which keywords can help you rise in the rankings, especially in markets that are crowded and in which you will struggle more to stand out.

Can I ask for reviews on Yelp?

Yes, and reviews that feature specific keywords will help the most to get you notices and identified on Yelp. In fact Yelp reviews will also show up in the Yelp search results so keywords will show up in bold and they will match the keywords that appear in the search bar.

At DubSEO we know that it is essential for business to take advantage of whatever they can to get their business seen in web searches and picked out by potential customers. We can make sure that you have every advantage on Yelp and elsewhere by showing you what we can do to get you up there in the search engines results and keeping you there.

Would you like to get your business on the first page of yelp? DubSEO can help you.