What is Meta description
How to Write it to Increase Organic CTR

The Meta description tag is not that important to rankings on search engines but it is a very important to securing click throughs by users from SERPs. At DubSEO we are very well aware of the importance of meta descriptions and we use them as part of our strategy for our clients, to make sure that they function to advertise a sites content and to let visitors know that the page that they are looking at will give them all the information that they seek.

Do Meta descriptions have anything to do with keywords?

Yes they do, because they should contain the keywords, added intelligently and should also be something intriguing that will encourage a searcher to click on the phrase and see what is on offer. The Meta description must always be relevant to the page it describes and each Meta description should also be unique to each of the pages on the site. The optimal length for a Meta description is between 150 and 160 characters.

So a Meta tag is something like a strap-line on an advertisement?

That’s right! A good Meta description is like a catchy ad tag line, something that makes you want to know more about what is being talked about on the page. A good one will get you lots of click throughs and a bad one will see you largely ignored! At DubSEO we know that the Meta description done well will get click throughs from the SERP and is a very important part of marketing strategy. One of the things that we always work to is the fact that maximising click-throughs on the pages of search engine results means success with Google and other search engines where bold keywords in the meta description that match search queries are key.