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Healthcare marketing is the method of strategic communications and outreach made to attract any recipient of health care services that provide proper guidance for their healthcare journey and keep them engaged with the health system. The healthcare marketing strategy consist of – highly-segmented, multi-channel and targeted online tactics to drive more engagement and support for the attainment of enterprise objectives. Healthcare providers determine the success of their marketing efforts through specific metrics that have been aligned with key performance indicators (KPIs) or marketing return on investment (ROI).

Benefits of healthcare marketing

  • Look for potential patients who are willing to spend for their wellbeing
  • Retain patients for a long term and improve the loyalty in healthcare community.
  • Improve strategic benefit for attracting patients in the competitive sector.
  • Drive more leads and generate higher revenue with accurate margins.
  • Keep patients engaged with personalised, relevant and timely outreach.
  • Enhance productivity and re-align strategy with data analytics.
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Why you require a healthcare marketing strategy

You need to provide an exceptional customer care to patients. In today’s world, people are occupied with a lot of information about their life and work-related issues, solutions and requirements that include their healthcare requirements. Your patients now want:

  • good customer service
  • meeting their medical expectations
  • making life easy with the healthcare service they require from you
  • great value on the price

At DubSEO, we believe in transparency and we are honest and straightforward in our dealings with clients. We do not make empty promises ormiss any deadlines. We know how to keep promises, while sticking to the budget to deliver impressive results. 

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The steps we follow to promote your healthcare business


Medical Website Design

Designing and developing thoroughly responsive, user-friendly and informative medical website right from scratch that helps patients take informed decisions.


Marketing strategy for healthcare businesses

Carefully customised, comprehensive medical marketing strategy to meet unique needs of your healthcare business.


Healthcare-oriented Paid Ads & Media

We conduct full-range healthcare paid advertisement campaigns across social media including Facebook ads, Google ads, PPC, Paid Social and other Paid Search campaigns.


Unique and informative Content relevant to the healthcare industry

Our creative content writers create unique, fresh, easy to read and informative content specific to the healthcare industry that not only drives higher traffic and conversion through both organic and paid searches but also helps users take informed decisions.


White hat SEO for health industry

Technically sound SEO marketers at DubSEO carefully tailor ethical, transparent health SEO strategies to meet specific needs of your business.


Leveraging Social media to grow your healthcare business

We leverage Social Media to research on your competitors in one hand while on the other make use of innovative strategies to tap on your target audience and keep them engaged across these channels.


Conversion optimisation designed to cater to your healthcare business

We innovatively design smart marketing funnels dedicated for the healthcare industry that focus on higher conversions and ROI.



DubSEO is always a part of your in-house team

We are hard-working professionals and leave nothing unattended to be a part of your in-house team that strives to take your healthcare business to greater heights of success. We take full responsibility to manage the key areas of your medical marketing strategies online.

As healthcare marketing experts, we are friendly, honest and approachable

We are not only technically sound in healthcare marketing but also friendly, honest and easily approachable. We provide reasonable quotations that are free from hidden charges and nasty surprises.

We keep track of the healthcare industry

DubSEO is one of the most reliable SEO companies in London for healthcare industry. We stay abreast with the UK health industry to help you enjoy an edge over your competitors.

We are smoothly accessible

We handle all clients and projects in a unique professional approach. Thus you can seamlessly reach out to your account manager at any time of the day to discuss different aspects of your healthcare business campaign.

We are fast, careful and efficient

You cannot expect success in the healthcare industry if you are not fast, careful and efficient at the same time. As a widely trusted healthcare SEO company in London, we believe our clients are deprived of maximum return on their investment if we are not fast, careful and efficient ourselves.

We are in the business for long

DubSEO possesses outstanding track record in marketing healthcare businesses online. We have successfully cruised through turbulent waters and harsh weather conditions for years to stand out as a distinguished authority in this particular field. Other than online marketing we also provide a range of services like IT support, web hosting, server security, backup and maintenance to drive your healthcare business to greater heights of success.

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FAQs on healthcare marketing

People receiving medical treatment are now actively involved in their wellbeing than before. The patients tend to spend more time in comparing the prices, testimonials and value before choosing a healthcare provider.

Change in patient’s behaviour is a vital factor in boosting the importance of marketing. The effective marketing messaging is about offering accessible, convenient and digitally integrated services that will fit the needs of patients.

  • Healthcare Customer Relationship Management (HCRM) Platform – The platform incorporates patient data from different sources to help the marketers build, launch, measure and optimisemultichannel healthcare campaigns. By using an HCRM, it is quite possible to customise marketing outreach in different ways that improve engagement of patients, boost customer service and encourage relationships for a long term. Sophisticated HCRMs allows supporting a comprehensive and data-driven outreach strategy.
  • Content Management System (CMS) – A CMS classifies as well as streamlines healthcare marketing content and integrates with an HCRM to form guidelines that ensure content alignments with brand guidelines. A CMS may even create a method for content repurposing and reusability for healthcare marketers to distribute the content in the most efficient way.
  • Marketing Automation – A marketing automation platform like Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables healthcare marketers to automate distribution of content to the right patients and at the right time. The software leverages HCRM data to ensure each customer has unique journey based on real-time data. These campaign triggers are stage-driven and based on the behaviour of individuals or sequence of action. Marketing automation software is used for the deployment of repetitive communications like social media, email and paid advertising campaigns.
  • Engagement Centre – An Engagement Centre is an optimized call centre that completely supports personalised and top-rated patient experiences delivered for inbound as well as outbound calls. An engagement centre solution puts into practice HCRM data to help representatives with a comprehensive 360° view of each caller such as – records of past engagements over the phone as well as online.

There are three barriers that prevent the success of healthcare marketing. These are – departmental silos, outdated tactics and technology and insufficient budgets. Departmental silos prevent healthcare marketing experts from delivering consistent communication to patients that will meet the quality and cost demands of healthcare reform. If you want to stay competitive, then healthcare marketers should evolve with the fast changing digital world along with the use of new digital channels.

If you want to improve marketing efforts, then this requires leveraging wealth of consumers and market data available like household, consumer and propensity data stored within the HCRM. This will craft individualised patient messaging based on the patient personas and implement omni-channel precision marketing strategies, as well as optimise marketing performance with real-time campaign intelligence.

Healthcare marketing agency should designate at least one employee who is responsible for executing and operating a marketing automation tool like Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This should be an individual who is technically-oriented and responsible for working in the solution. Your team might sift and evolve since marketing automation system offer more efficiency and enable organisations to execute patient acquisition and retention programs.

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