Magento SEO

Magento SEO

One of the options for e-commerce company should be having a Magento website. Its usability and flexibility allows businesses to lessen the long term costs and speed up the growth process. Companies that have already invested in the Magento platform will grow at least three times quickly. If you want to improve the success of Magento website, then it should be optimised properly. Thus, search engine optimisation will help improve online visibility for the users.

What is Magento?

Magento is an influential e-commerce software and Adobe product that is quite different from other than content management systems or CMS. This is an open-source technology being capable of developing with a company. Due to this, there are several developers who create add-ons to their exclusive list of features. The adaptability of Magento extends to the look, functionality and content of your website.

What is Magento SEO?

Magento SEO is about improving the visibility of your website to users and search engines, thus resulting in improved business growth and higher revenue.

So, what is SEO?

It includes several strategies, starting from content creation to keyword research that helps improve your site ranking in search results. Thus, when users look for a keyword your webpages targets, then your website will appear on top in the search results.

Magento SEO helps optimise your website with effective marketing strategies. Since Magento is somewhat different than other sites such as Joomla or Drupal, it requires further steps to ensure better optimisation.

How Magento SEO expert optimise your website

Audit your website It is important to check the present condition of your website before researching for appropriate keywords, improving page loading speed or reviewing product categories. There are certain cases when your site might have great loading speed or exceptional categorization strategy. We will check if your site is well-optimised and then audit your site's SEO.

Research for relevant keywords You will have to invest time in conducting proper keyword research and optimise product pages to increase traffic from the ones who want to buy your product. Improve the result for keyword research by using these tools:

Ubersuggest Answer the Public google adwords

These online tools can help to get relevant information on the market competition, cost per click (CPC) of keywords and search volume.

Know your competitors The next step involves assessing your competitors in the market. Make a list of the sites of competitors and examine their product pages carefully. Find out the keywords your competitors are targeting and the websites that are shoppers to them. Though you may want to develop a unique SEO strategy for Magento website, it is necessary to evaluate your competitors’ performance. Their decision may influence yours too like targeting specific keywords or changing the layout of your homepage.

Update product categories Once your site auditing, keyword research and competitor analysis are done, you may modify product categories in Magento SEO. They provide great value to search engines and users and you need to focus on these areas when optimising product pages. such as name, description and metas.

Improve product pages - You may have to edit some web pages or change the entire product page. Draft a suitable plan to optimise product pages and streamline your time. You can improve product pages with these steps:

Optimise loading speed of page It is vital to optimise loading speed of website by maintaining your site to load within five seconds. This may lead to a great percentage for user sessions and a decrease in the bounce rate. Thus, improving your site even by one second can increase conversions greatly. Follow these effective measures to optimise your site.

Include Google Analytics Code You will have to add Google Analytics tracking code to your site for evaluating the results. Get access to the tracking code from Google Analytics account and then add it to Magento website by following these steps:

Go to the system Click on configuration Choose Google API Select "Yes" for Enable Enter tracking code for the Account Number

If you are in need of further analytic data from your site, then search for an extension that will fulfill your requirements. You may even consider partnering with DubSEO that specialises in developing to build custom extension.


Looking for a Magento SEO expert for your website?

Businesses need to have a development team and marketing team to maintain Magento website. Thus, small and mid-sized businesses partner with reliable agencies like DubSEO that specialises in Magento SEO.

When you have Magento SEO expert to manage your website, they will focus on providing signature products and services that distinguish your business from the competitors. This helps in improving the result for your SEO strategy.

What is the price for a Magento SEO and website project?

Use the calculator given below to develop an estimated budget for your project. You may either give us a call by dialling our number 0207 183 2266 or contact us online to know about how our Magento SEO services can help to grow business and boost sales.

Project Quote Calculator

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What should you look for in a Magento SEO expert?

Experience of Magento SEO expert

Obviously, you will search for a reliable agency where Magento SEO expert possesses years of experience in Magento based platform. This will turn into partnering with someone who knows how to optimise your website to attain success.

At DubSEO, we possess years of experience and expertise in search engine optimization. This is why our clients find their revenues get increased by 20 per cent, on an average.

Desirable results

The results are important in digital marketing and thus, our Magento SEO delivers effective results to your company. You are looking to improve traffic to your site for increased product chatter, better sales and higher revenue. Hence, we have developed our Magento SEO product for making greater conversions.

Our SEO professionals know how to improve online sales by creating a call of the right shape, size colour, and placement. This will mean distinguishing between a discarded shopping cart and a purchase.

Effective strategy

When looking for a Magento SEO expert, you need an innovative team who stays updated in the relevant industry. This will develop a suitable strategy customised to meet your present standards that result in greater results for your company and return on investment.

What sets DubSEO apart from other Magento SEO company?

Magento has been designed with effective features that make it attractive to search engines and customers by optimizing your site easily. We use innovative strategies for developing our comprehensive marketing solution.

Your website will not only appear on the first page in search engines but will be buzzed on social media outlets, discussed in various blogs and clicked on with pay-per-click advertisements. Our Magento SEO services and different approaches will make your website easily visible and noticeable online.

Are you willing to partner with the leading Magento SEO expert?

DubSEO is the perfect choice if you are in need of effective SEO solutions from online marketing partner or website development firm for a long time that develops e-commerce websites, being backed by Magento for success.

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