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DubSEO SEO Consultant Matt Ryan in London has years of experience in offering SEO consultancy services that delivers amazing ROI for small and medium-sized businesses. Our SEO consultant working in the leading SEO consultancy in London, UK helps to increase online traffic, conversions, and thus, sales.
We can help you reach out to prospective clients with high quality and targeted traffic to your website.

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One question we always ask our clients is:

“Unless a company ranks themselves at the top of major search engine results,
How can you trust them to rank your website?”

DubSEO's SEO consultants can help in SERPs rankings. We will evaluate and audit your site carefully to provide the most effective solutions that will improve your website traffic and generate more sales and relevant traffic.

Our SEO team offers professional web consulting services in acompetitive environment. We have customised SEO plans and packages so that you onlypay for what you will really need.

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We have years of experience in our field and are passionate about SEO and online marketing. Our specialties include the following:

  • Best Practice SEO - We perform white hat SEO marketing and change certain strategies in line with search engine’s algorithms so that the campaign is ahead of the curve.
  • Profitability - We will help you to improve the growth of your online business significantly. SEO is about generating higher traffic to your website, improving conversions and boosting sales.
  • Trust - Trust is an important factor for SEO. We promote transparency and keep you in the loop about where you are heading and where we are planning to take you. Our objective is to take your online business to the next level of success.
  • Effectiveness - SEO has been combined together with content marketing strategies to keep more of your customers engaged.

Our SEO Consultants


Senior SEO Consultant

Matt Ryan

Matt is our director and senior SEO Consultant. He started in SEO Consultation as a freelancer SEO expert in 2008, so he knows a thing or two about search engine and ranking websites!

Matt is graduated from London Met University and initially set up an advertising company. It was from that platform that his specialist digital marketing company evolved. He saw a gap in the market for full service SEO consultancy where clients would be able to learn how to grow their business.

This is why you need to hire Matt as your senior SEO consultant:

  • He is one of the few SEO consultants that has helped companies of all sizes to get the best from their website and accelerate their growth.
  • His hands on approach has made him a household name for many medium and enterprise companies.

What you can expect from Matt’s SEO consultancy:

  • Approach designed specifically for your structure.
  • An overview of your structure, (one day may be enough for recommendations and strategy to be recommended.)
  • Before your SEO consultancy session, Matt will ask for all necessary access.
  • Matt will report and evaluate your team and strategy and offer training or reporting options.

Senior SEO consultant fees: Daily £1000 + VAT


SEO Expert


Alireza is our SEO expert at DubSEO, and also has a hands on approach when it comes to SEO consultancy, he graduated from Queen Mary University and since joining DubSEO has helped build the online presence of many companies allowing them to get better results on search engines,

Alireza,looks after small to medium sized businesses and will track and evaluate your current SEO strategy and advise and implement new SEO techniques, where necessary.

SEO Expert consultation fees: Daily £700 + VAT

junior SEO Consultant

Junior SEO Consultant and IT Support


Ali also graduated from Queen Mary University and UCL, He is DubSEO’s in-house IT support and IT security expert, and SEO consultant for e-commerce due to his experience in website security.

Ali works with online businesses with a focus on e-commerce,

Junior SEO consultancy fees: Daily rate of £500 + VAT


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