Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

for Dentists

SEO for Dentists in London

SEO for Dentists & Dental Practices London

With an increasing number of dental clinics on our high streets, competition for patients is fierce. That’s where DubSEO comes in. We are experts in implementing SEO for dentists and dental practices.

Our specialists have developed campaigns that provide clients with improved search engine visibility, social media engagement, and enhanced digital presence for their dental practice.

Users search with Google when they are looking for a product or service; and that is true for a good dentist or a reputable dental clinic.

Want to know how DubSEO will deliver more patients to your dental practice through SEO?

Get in touch with our team of experts who will provide a free consultation session and SEO analysis report of your dental website.

SEO for Dentists

Some FAQs about SEO expertise for Dentists and Dental Practices

  • How does DubSEO implement SEO for dentists? –With extensive hands-on experience. We believe SEO for dentists and dental practices is actually a combination of various digital strategies. We take a methodical approach. First, DubSEO confirms that your website is thoroughly optimised to meet the requirements of the search engines. Next, our experts focus upon optimising your business citations and listings. Then, we optimise your brand on social media networks and work on your onsite content.
  • How fast do you deliver expected results on SEO for dental practices? – Usually, our dental SEO efforts start showing positive results within 30 days.
  • Will I be able to conduct SEO for my dental practice? – DubSEO believes you should conduct your own marketing. We will provide the necessary tips and guidance. However, as a reputed digital marketing agency, we would not file our own tax returns we would obviously depend upon professional accountants. Similarly, if you want your practice to generate higher volumes of business, it is better to leave your online marketing responsibilities to a reputed SEO agency that specialises in providing dental SEO services.
  • What is the standard cost for dental SEO service? - Actually, the cost is never uniform and it varies based on your niche market and the degree of competition. An oral health expert from a smaller British town will not quote the same treatment cost as a dental surgeon based in West End. As such, our professionals will analyse your proposed campaign, define a customized blueprint and arrive at a reasonable cost for the service based on these factors.

SEO Service for Dental Marketing – A dual-stage procedure

On-site optimisation revolves around the aspect of what goes on a website. It also covers SEO-related factors like:

  • Structure of the component webpages
  • Existing meta tags and
  • Coding structure

Off-site optimisation deals with a number of factors including:

  • Which websites to are linked to yours
  • The sources of your inbound links (i.e. blogs or directories)
  • What has been included in your site’s anchor text

Analysing the dental website

Normally, at DubSEO, we initiate any campaign from reviewing the present condition of the relevant web portal. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals leaves no stone unturned with each of the relevant keywords. In addition to that we also point out the elements in the site that need to be modified.

All these efforts help us to zero-in upon the accurate keywords that have the potential to drive maximum traffic to the portal.

Generating quality links and connecting with bloggers

After analysing a site, modifying it accordingly and finalising the most relevant and potential set of keywords for it, we work on the second step of the operation. This involves working on generating backlinks, submitting articles and blogs along with a set of other activities that help to boost off-page elements.

Our experts will also work on site headers, meta data, modifying structures and uncluttering the existing codes, etc. to make a site more SEO-friendly.


Optimising on-going campaign

Dental SEO is a time-consuming process and results take considerable time to develop. As such, it is not advisable to produce a large number of links within a short time frame. Such measures are bound to invite Google penalties that will eventually hamper your business.

Our responsible professionals will keep monitoring your site's performance and produce reports on monthly basis to help you measure your site’s progress.