SEO for Legal Firms

SEO for Law Firms

SEO Services for Lawyers - Legal Firms and Solicitors

Do you run a law firm and own a legal website? Then you need to hire an SEO company to get more clients. You can contact DubSEO to avail high-quality SEO services for lawyers & solicitors using cutting-edge strategies. Our team of search engine optimisers possesses sufficient knowledge and expertise to make your legal website more appealing to Google. We consistently rely on ethical marketing strategies to secure first-page ranking. Our core strategy includes:

  • Targeting local relevant keywords
  • Submission to Google Places and other popular local directories
  • Focusing on specified practice area and
  • Optimising user experience

Why DubSEO is an Expert SEO consultancy for Law firms & Solicitors in London, UK?

  • If you are busy running a successful law firm and do not have time to update your website content, then it would be wrong to go alone with SEO.
  • You pass on the entire SEO and digital marketing related tasks to different members, but not getting your way to winning strategies.
  • You have hired a “law firm SEO expert”, but you are still clueless about the results just like your previous agency gave you.
  • You are investing a lot on optimising your website and other related issues, but it is not showing expected results.
  • You are trying out all the SEO tricks yet not gaining traffic to your website.
  • You have searched for “SEO services for lawyers” on the web but you are not sure whom you should trust.
  • Your website is performing smooth but it has suddenly been penalised by Google and your website traffic is fast getting thinner.

We aim to assist lawyers with SEO to reach the target audience by properly showcasing their practices and driving new business hereafter.


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SEO for Legal Firms

Our exclusive Legal Firms and Solicitors SEO package includes the following four processes

  • Keyword research - Our SEO experts will select the most appropriate keywords and phrases that are relevant to your practice, to attract more focused traffic to your website.
  • On-site optimisation - We establish your SEO campaign and ensure that the website fulfils search engine requirements to rank better on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Link building - We generate natural links to make your website authentic. This helps improve your Solicitors rankings on search engines.
  • On-going SEO - We create a long term SEO campaign for your business and help you with your digital marketing as a whole so that you continue to achieve high ranking.

How Law Firm SEO Marketing Proves Helpful

The website of any law firm can bring in large number of new clients, in form of leads, boosting the firm’s ROI. But, to achieve that the firm’s SEO campaign should be properly handled by law firm SEO experts. DubSEO in London provides result-oriented search engine optimisation service for lawyers and solicitors. On availing our first-class SEO services, you can enjoy:

  • Higher online visibility and traffic
  • More quality leads in form of more case briefs
  • Improved revenue figures
  • Higher ROI


law firm SEO

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How much time SEO services for law firms & solicitors take to show results

Given our sound expertise in handling SEO for law firms in the UK, we can say it is never an overnight process. Our comprehensive strategy includes optimising your website in the first step, followed by establishing your firm as an authority in the trade. We guarantee no time frame for desired results, as the entire matter is subjective to many factors, ranging from current state of your online footprint to the condition of your website.

Usually, our experts take anywhere between 3 to 5 months to show results for existing websites, whereas for startup ones, it takes about 6 to 8 months.

What you can expect from our law firm SEO experts

  • First, we will listen to you carefully to understand your unique needs.
  • Our experts will smartly blend their innovative ideas with ethical SEO strategies to optimise your legal website.
  • We will regularly track the progress of your campaign and keep you updated on it.

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