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link building tips to boost your website seo in 2017

11 Effective Tips for Link Building to Boost your Website’s SEO in 2017

Posted on: Jan 21, 2017

Link building is a crucial task to get the desired results in optimising websites for search engines. But the rules, tools and skills required for link building keep changing on regular basis. Thus, conventional link building strategies have become obsolete at present. So many SEO experts in London focus on on-page optimisation and content while neglecting link building. This approach is never full-proof, as Google has already confirmed that links are the most crucial factor in its ranking algorithm.    

Quality Over Numbers

Read on to learn some helpful tips on link building. Before starting, it is important to remember that for reliable SEO companies, link generation is not about numbers. The larger the number, the better - does not work on links. Rather, quality of the links that you generate is more important than the quantity. Few high quality links are better worth than thousands of spammy and low quality links.

Google's Policy

As all links are never equal, Google wants you to be very careful while generating a link. It is important to build relevant links for both your brand and customers. You also need to connect those links with great content. This overall approach will not only make your customers satisfied, but Google will also place you at top positions in its search results.

  • Take care so that all your links are 100% natural and
  • Google should not feel that you are manipulating the search algorithm through them 

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Easy tips for Building Quality Links

Remember, generating quality links is never an easy task, but you should only depend on white hat techniques for the purpose. 

1. Request for backlinks: Ask your friends, peers and colleagues for backlinks. Make sure that these are in-content links and not links in the footer or sidebar. According to experts working in reputed SEO companies in the UK, this smart strategy is more helpful for beginners who have just entered the online marketing industry. Also, you have to ensure that the backlinks should come from websites that are relevant to that of yours. Otherwise the links will not provide the necessary boost for you.

2. Focus on building durable relationships: In order to build high quality links, you need to build relationships based on trust. The Internet offers a number of ways to get new contacts. It is important to start with online social groups, blog or forum communities that are relevant to your niche. Initiate a dialogue without waiting for them to make the first move.

3. Write testimonials: You have got nothing to lose in building testimonial links. There are many businesses that appreciate when you say a few words on your experience in using their products or services. Testimonials are also a great way of building consumer trust.

4. Start blogging: Your blog should not include a single post and a single backlink to your site. Make every effort to keep your blog post alive. Publish posts at regular intervals, ensure that your posts are relevant, informative and interesting for your readers.

5. Choose reliable online directories to submit your website: There are lots of online directories to submit your website to but, most of these hardly provide any actual mileage. Carefully choose a directory that allows you to post a link to your website, as well as gives useful information on your targeted customers.

6. Focus on writing excellent guest posts: Before submitting your blogs or articles on third-party sites, make sure about the following facts:

  • The third-party site is relevant to your content topic.
  • The content should not speak about how great your business is.
  • Content has to be interesting, authentic and free from grammatical errors.

At this stage, experts from a renowned SEO agency in London prefer to rely on some advanced strategies to help clients reap greater benefits. These include the following:

7. Locating the common backlinks of your competitor’s: It is common for your competitors to have some common backlinks that you still do not have. It is a good strategy to get those links for your website too. CBLT or Common Backlinks Tool is a specially designed device to help you on this aspect. It not only helps you find the common backlinks but also reveals the techniques and sources your competitors used to get those links.

8. Earning an indirect backlink from competitor: Earning an indirect backlink from a competitor proves valuable, as it provides the much required link juice to your website. LJT or Link Juice Thief is a helpful tool that helps you receive valuable backlinks from high authority websites in your niche.

9. Recovering the dead backlinks: LJR or Link Juice Recovery Tool is a helpful device the helps to detect your links that return 404 errors (HTTP-code), 403 or invalid access errors and 504 or timeout errors. In short, it is user-friendly tool to recover the dead backlinks to your website.

10. Converting your mentions into backlinks through web masters: It is common that a user has mentioned your brand’s product or service but did not link it to your website. You should contact the relevant web masters and request them to convert those mentions into backlinks for your website. According to experts providing SEO services, this way of earning backlinks proves profitable.

11. Keep a regular check on the new links your competitors generate: Link Alerts or LA is a tool that not only informs you about your own new backlinks, but also that of your competitors. It is a helpful device to monitor your strongest competitors in business.

The tips given above are helpful to build powerful links for your website and boost its SEO.

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