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5 Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Business on Instagram

5 Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Business on Instagram

Posted on: Aug 10, 2018 6 min read

By now, you should know that if your business, regardless of the industry, is not on Instagram, you are missing out on a lot of potential clients that would love your brand. Instagram currently has over 1 Billion active users as of 2Q of 2018 and proves to be one of the top 3 social media platforms amongst its parent, Facebook & Twitter.

If you really want to make an impact on Instagram, you will need to build up a loyal following. In this article, our marketing experts at DubSEO will talk you through on how your business can squeeze the most out of Instagram and create meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers.

1. Take advantage of free Instagram tools.

The business profile feature on Instagram is perhaps the most useful tool that the developers have released to date. It now only allows you to track detailed analytics of everything you share on the platform, but you can also add a call to action buttons on your profile like “E-mail” “Contact Number” “Location” and many more.

It is definitely a valuable asset to have and the best thing is, it’s free and works wonders. It also makes your customer experience much easier as they are able to easily navigate and get in touch with you.

2. Cross promote Instagram posts.

The never-ending changes of the Instagram algorithm have already failed many businesses because they simply cannot get enough traction which makes them hopeless and makes them eventually give up.

A guaranteed way of gaining more, real and interested in your business followers it through platform cross-promotion with other pages/business that are in your industry.

This way you will give them exposure and they will do the same in return. It is a very much win-win situation for both parties as you will be exposed to a completely new audience that can eventually convert and bring business.

3. Don’t overwhelm your audience.

This is where you need to be extremely careful. If you are just starting out, it is important for you not to overwhelm your audience with content as they will view it as spam & are likely to unfollow. Like everything, to build a brand on Instagram, it will take time and what will also take time is your followers to get used to your upload frequency and schedule.

Our marketing experts strongly advice that once you have a schedule, you should stick to it. Your followers will know exactly when you release content and will not find it spammyonce they get used to it. However, if you randomly upload 10 images in the space of an hour and disappear for 2 weeks.That will have a huge negative impact on your brand reputation.

4. Interact with followers to spark growth.

There isn’t anything better than giving back to the community. What does it cost you to reply to a comment that shows interest in your brand by asking a question or simply taking time of their day to leave a positive message?

Remember that if you have 5 die-hard followers, they will quickly turn into 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and so forth. Why? Because those 5 people will tell everyone that they know about you. Not because they benefit from it, but because you gave them an emotional experience and they want their friends to see that too. It’s pure psychology.

5. Create an interactive hashtag.

You may have come across big social media influencers and their personalised to their brand hashtags. A great example is Jen Selter with her #seltering hashtag which currently has over 50,000 unique uses from her followers.

Creating such hashtags can spark a lot of different emotions to your followers. A great example is if you have a clothing brand and your customers can use your unique hashtag to show themselves wearing your hoodie in front of your entire community. It is a simple, yet effective technique to increase your conversions and show that you care about your community.


Whatever marketing strategy you decide to use, please remember that being authentic and showing care to your community will always bring you on top in the long term.

If you need any further assistance with setting up a tailored to your business social media strategy, content creation and many others,please refer to our website at for more - DubSEO.

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