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Benefits of PPC Advertising for Small Business

Benefits of PPC Advertising for Small Business in 2018

Posted on: Aug 23, 2018 4 min read

Pay-per-click or more well known as PPC is a marketing method for the promotion of products and services where the business is paying the social media platform a specific cost per click. PPC advertising works more effectively than organic traffic as it brings the desired results faster.

In this quick-read article, we will uncover why PPC advertising is important for your business and its benefits. 

In this article, we will discuss why PPC is a must for your business in details. So, let’s take a look at the advantages of pay per click.

Before we get into the advantages, let’s quickly bullet point what PPC offers.

PPC offers:

  • Instant result.
  • Easily traceable and measurable results.
  • Works well with various marketing channel.
  • Conversion optimization.

There is more to PPC; however, those are the main points.

Advantages of PPC Advertising:

1. Helps reach your business goals:

The most important benefit PPC advertising brings to the table of any business is that it can significantly influence your brand exposure and lead generation. It certainly proves effective and is a non-expensive way of getting your brand out there into the world if done correctly. 

2. PPC is Measurable and Traceable:

One of the biggest benefits of PPC advertising is that it brings analytical data. You will be able to track the performance of your campaign and make adjustments where necessary. That way, you will not be wasting your valuable money. You can also use AdWords together with Google Analytics to really track and measure your campaign performance compared to spend and gain in terms of your pre-set business goals.

3. Quick Entry using PPC Marketing:

Unlike SEO which can take some time to take off, especially if it is not done by an expert’s agency, PPC will get you instant traffic and boost the potential of your network to reach the desired goals. PPC Advertising is a very flexible method as you can use any budget and it also gives you the opportunity to create a wide net for you new customers.

4. Everything is Under Control.

Implementing PPC marketing in your business is also a fantastic idea because it is very controllable. You can select the keywords that you desire to incorporate, edit your campaign while it is running, manage audience, and proceed with rigid budge. If you see the PPC advert working, you will be able to instantly scale it up and vice versa.

5. Compatibility:

Pay-per-Click and Search Engine Optimisation are a fantastic combination. While SEO attracts traffic to your business organically, PPC will optimise your products and bring you out the best possible SEO.

If SEO and PPC work in the same direction, then they will be able to:

  • Enhance Visibility – You will be able to double your search visibility or online visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Pull out More Data – the organic and paid combination brings you double the data to analyse, like which keyword has the highest conversion ability. This will give you a good indication as to what works and what doesn’t in the future.
  • Works well on the same keyword – after implementing a keyword in your PPC campaign and getting the desired result, you can catch the keyword with more conversion rate. And you can use the same keyword in SEO Strategies, like in content, metadata, or tagline to utilise the opportunity and squeeze out the moment.


Over the years, PPC has become one of the most reliable and profitable marketing methods for business across the world. It has been adding incredible value to organisations which is the reason this advertising method is still used today. If you need any help with PPC marketing, please contact our experts at [email protected]

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