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Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 - London's Best SEO  Company Guide

Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 - a DubSEO Guide

Posted on: Dec 26, 2016

The year is nearly over and we all wonder what 2017 will have in store for us? Considering how 2016 panned out, thinking about what is to come in the next year could be a daunting prospect but we need to put all that behind us and  concentrate on digital marketing - now. We have put together four trends to look out for over the coming year:

1. Display Ads Will Evolve:

Display advertising has not had a great year, scuppered by some  poor marketing. Ads that were Intrusive and targeted poorly have given rise to the proliferation of ad blockers, so marketers may now want to move towards video marketing that is great when it is done well, but truly awful when done badly. The bad news, however, is that both of these are  a lot trickier to execute.

2. Augmented Reality Will Make A Comeback:

Pokémon Go was the stand out flash in the pan for 2016 – it started, everyone was oohing and ahhing  and then it was over. There has been poor follow-up in the augmented reality space, but for sure, there are companies out there, as we speak, developing games or exploring gamified marketing– it will return in 2017.

3. Content Marketing Will Get Tough:

Content will still be king in 2017, and that means we need to know about content marketing trends of 2017 and also that virtually every marketer is going to be into creating content.  That means that being able to stand out from the crowd will get increasingly more difficult. Consumers views literally hundreds of adverts every day and that means two things: firstly, they are not keeping their interest and that they are able to spot a bad advert from miles away. Early adopters of new live video streaming trends will get the advantage.

4. The Mobile First Trend (yet again):

Just like ‘content is King’, mobile first has become  a bit of a cliché in digital marketing trends. 2016 was a good year for mobile and as ever Google was in the lead. Google is starting to really examine mobile SEO and allow it to lead the way over desktop. You will really need a great mobile website online in 2017 but you will need it not for Google but rather for your user.

We hope that our guide to online marketing in 2017 will help you with your strategies for the year ahead. 

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