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SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Traffic in 2020

24 SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Traffic in 2020

Posted on: Jun 23, 2020 11 min read

Google loves to update its algorithm for Search and it can make almost 500 changes within the course of one year. SEO is all about optimising your content and website so it ranks on top in the search results. With several changes to navigate, it is quite easy to miss out something. So, when you are missing something with Search Engine Optimisation, your content might get invisible too. Thus, by getting it done in the right way, you can actually gain the benefits of improved traffic to your website that leads to better conversions, improves lead generation, sales and thus, huge profits for your business.

Every online business is in need for more traffic, leads and sales, right? The ranking factors for Search Eengine Optimisation have changed a lot over the years. Let’s discuss about some SEO tips from the experts so that you can be sure of using the best SEO strategy in 2020 and beyond.

Try to focus on user experience – According to Brian Dean, user experience signals has great importance in the search engine ranking. Since RankBrain is the third most important ranking factor for Google, the trend will likely to continue and become much more important in 2020. RankBrain keeps a keen eye on how the users interact with search results and then rank the results accordingly. If users try to click on a result and bounce from the website immediately, then the site will begin to lose its ranking. But, if the users click on a result and spend some time on the site, then the site will begin to improve its ranking.

Other than optimising for medium tail keywords, RankBrain looks at:

  • Dwell Time – The amount of time a visitor will stay on your website
  • Click-Through Rate – The percentage of searchers who actually click on your search results.

Fix the “Almost” first page posts – Andy recommends searching for the posts that almost rank high in the search results so that you can rewrite them. You may get these posts in Google Analytics through Acquisition » Search Console » Queries and then setting up an advanced filter to show the phrases where your average position (ranking) is usually greater than 10. You can add details, answers, examples, images, statistics, contributor quotes, and everything else in order to make it a better piece.

Tap the probability of video – According to Shilpa Shah, co-founder at Hummingbird Web Solutions, video marketing may be a great traffic source, but some marketers are still avoiding its probability. Among the best tips of SEO is quality over quantity as you have a huge number of indexed web pages that does not mean your website will attract a greater volume of organic traffic all the time. Read to know how you can optimise your video content:

  • Update the description and title on older videos so that you can keep them searchable as well as relevant.
  • Optimise video’s audio and video quality, images and graphics.
  • Integrate videos along with the remaining site content.

Rank for featured snippets – Nearly 115 of search results consist of a featured snippet. These results appear on search engine result pages or SERPs typically after the advertisements before ranked results may appear. These are generally found with an image, a video or a table that make them stand out from the rest and keep them in a better position for better clicks from the highest ranking search results. Check out some ways to keep your content optimized for featured snippets:

  • Stay concise and clear
  • Use headers to conduct easy scanning
  • Guarantee cross-device usability
  • Maintain social engagement
  • Choose strong external resources

Create authoritative and comprehensive content – According to Steve Rayson, you should create in-depth and long form posts about a specific topic to position them in the form of search result that Google is searching for getting the best possible result for users. There are two suitable ways to show search engines you have in-depth and authoritative content on your website:

  • Stick with long-form content – The longer content should be written of at least 2,000 words that seem to outrank shorter content.
  • Use LSI keywords – These are the keywords or phrases that strongly related to the post’s topic.

Maximize user engagement – Whether it is about updating present posts to creating newer ones, web pages should be made in a way so that it can maximize user engagement. Here are some ways how you may improve user engagement on your posts:

  • Make it easy to read – Your content consist of headings, short paragraphs, whitespace and appropriate images so that you can make web page easy to absorb and improve user’s time on the page.
  • Include highly relevant links and offers on your page – When you add the most relevant internal links for answering users query, then the website will be more searchable in Google. This can often lead to considerable decrease in the bounce rates that get users further deep into your website.
  • Use LSI keywords and answer extra questions – You need to include LSI keywords that users might consider after viewing your content. Web pages should be able to provide additional information that users are looking for. For this, try to include additional information that can retain users and tell search engines that the web page’s content will answer search query and offer additional value that other content might not provide. 
  • Include different ways for users to absorb the content – You may include images, videos, text and infographics that can grab attention of the readers’ attention and keep them more engaged into your content.

By following these smart tactics, your web pages will be of great value to the readers, and search engines will mark these pages to be of high-quality content.

Optimise for voice search – Julia McCoy, the founder of Express Writers has encouraged constant efforts in order to optimize for voice search. Well, voice search came as a big SEO news in the year 2018, and McCoy tells that voice search technology is improving and becoming much more accessible which ensures this trend will continue now. In the words of Julia, “If it makes sense for your brand, use geo-targeted keywords.” This means you will have to optimise for local searches. Apart from optimising for local voice searches, Julia stresses on the importance of ranking for both questions and answers. Almost half of the searchers are using voice search for their online searches and so, creating high-quality, voice search optimized FAQs can actually get into a long way for ranking your posts. 

Focus on mobile-first indexing – Mobile-first indexing means that Google is considering the mobile version of your website as primary version of your site. If you do not create a mobile site, then you can still use your desktop site. But, if your site is not mobile-friendly, then chances are your rankings may drop considerably. But if your mobile website is presently using an “m.” URL, like “,” then Google will suggest switching over to a completely responsive website. This is because Google annotates m-dot URLs at present and it does not index them in actual sense. So, making a responsive site is all about Google updating the annotations to say that the responsive site is now mobile-friendly that can help in saving your time.

16 Bonus SEO tips and advice

Go through this bonus section where we have discussed about 16 quick SEO tips and advice that you can execute into practice easily to improve your SEO strategies now.

How you can improve the click-through rate

Write catchy headlines to attract your audience – Great headlines is all about attracting online users and engaging them while you send the signals to search engines that help to improve the ranking of content. A headline should be able to form the difference between your content to be found and overlooked or ignored. Instead of writing in the first person, you can use the second person in the headline. Also, try for some phrasing that can call out the group you want to reach out.

Include power words in the headlines – Try using at least one power word in the headline which can be in the form of revealing some emotional of online users. These power words are generally small phrases popularly know for bringing some action in the content. They are extremely influential due to which people cannot resist getting motivated by them. Also, they are somewhat different from the ordinary words and inspire call to action or emotion without using much context. 

Add brackets or parentheses in the titles – By using brackets or parentheses in the titles, you can make it stand out from the rest and improves CTR from the search engine result pages or SERPs. A/B test the titles with brackets against not using brackets to know if the target audience is highly receptive to the former. When you provide additional information in brackets or parentheses, then this may increase your click-through by at least 38 percent. Make the title short and to the point for drawing attention of online searchers.

Make a strong meta description – You need to be sure that the most important keywords for your web page should appear in the meta description. Write informative, unique and user-friendly content that is needed for searchers. Meta descriptions offer a concise description of the content of your webpage together with the remaining metadata in HTML code of your site. Content sharing systems will produce a meta description automatically for you but it will not be that good like the one you create by yourself. 

How you will increase dwell time and lessen bounce rate 

Grab attention of website visitors’ – If you want to be sure your website visitors know about your business, then think of adding a video background or some kind of animation to the site. Make sure you select media that denotes exactly what you do or is vague enough to keep the visitors curious. Thus, what you will introduce to users when they load your webpage is quite significant in deciding if they will stay for a long time to know what you are offering them.

Create and introduce engaging introductory paragraphs – Your first sentence is extremely importance that will entice readers to go through your entire website. It is an exceptional opportunity to grab attention of your audience with surprising description and facts related to your text. Your online searchers should be able to know what your website is all about, what products and services you are offering them by keeping in mind the present competitive market. This way, you can still keep some surprising element for users in the website.

Internal linking for user engagement – You may add internal linking to enable visitors for seeing other content that seem to be of great relevance in your website. In simple words, internal linking is about user-centric approach to include more value and detailed information. The link value that will be distributed all through the website is actually secondary to this vital point that offers great value to readers. A benefit of internal linking is that it can help in improving overall engagement of users on your website.

Create a custom 404 page for better engagement – You can create a custom 404 page so that you can help visitors search for what they need on your website. With a custom 404 page, you can be assured that this will not happen by giving appropriate links to all the parts of your website. This can help the search engines to get complete access on your website. The customized webpage leverages search results for creating much better experience that keeps the customers on your site while giving them the kind of content they are exactly looking for.

How you can gain site authority

Create link to high authority site and content to gain site authority – You may create links to other websites that have high authority and appropriate content to encourage backlinks as well as relationships. Building links is amongst the important tactics that is being used in search engine optimization or SEO as links provide some kind of signal to Google that your website is considered to be a quality resource for citation purpose. Hence, the websites that are more number of backlinks seem to earn greater rankings in the search engines and thus, huge profits.

Increase your social identity through online reviews and testimonials – Social identity, also called informational social influence, refers to the group of people who think that the actions of others are all right, depending on the frequency that they see in the form of said actions. Social proof is said to be the main foundation on which customer relationships are built, leads can be generated and then converted, relationships are usually made and big businesses start flourishing. You can improve your social media presence to the next level through user-generated content (UGC) such as online reviews, recommendations and testimonials.

SSL certificate can help to gain confidence of visitors – You will have to install an SSL certificate and then shift to HTTPS for gaining confidence in site visitors. The SSL certificate can help to improve user experience of your visitors to a great extent. According to the statistics, when you have SSL on your website, then this may reduce bounce rate of your webpage too. Besides, an SSL certificate ensures safe and secure medium of submitting the private information on the web. It is mainly designed to solely protect the integrity of data while getting transmitted between one system and another.

Google My Business can get you more customers and traffic – You may get your website set up on Google My Business so that when someone finds your brand name, your business details appear at the right-hand side of search results. Your probable customers will be able to view your exact location, contact information, business opening hours, online reviews and much more without proper clicking. It is absolutely free which makes it an affordable marketing tool for small as well as big businesses.

How you may optimize your website to boost top SEO performance

Image optimization to improve loading speed of your site – Try to compress and then optimize the images in a way so that you can improve the loading speed of your website. You may use web fonts than placing text within the images so that they may appear better when being scaled and require less space. You may even think of using raster images that are meant for the scenes only having different details and shapes. You can lessen the bit-depth to smaller color palette. Consider using lossy compression, wherever it is possible for you.

Use tracking tools to find out where your visitors drop – There are tracking tools available that can be used on your site to know where your visitors actually drop. Google Analytics is suggested as it offers detailed information about the number of visitors on your website, where the visitors come from and how much time they want to spend on your website and the nature of their visit. Alternatively, Google Search console can also be used for improving as well as optimizing your website.

Your website should be crawlable for an XML sitemap – When you want to optimize your website for SEO benefit, your main objective should be to provide Google with the exact signals so that it may be able to index your site in a better way. While discussing about an optimized XML sitemap, it is one of the signals that may be the reason for higher rankings and faster indexing. It is the entire list of your site’s URLs that act in the form of a roadmap to inform search engines what type of content is there and how you can reach it.

Use structured data to optimize site for better SEO performance – You need to use structured data to categorize content so that Google is aware exactly what your posts are all about. In other words, structured data is said to be a standardized format that usually mark up detailed information about webpage. It can help search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to know better what the webpage is all about. These structured data can be used by the search engines in the form of rich snippets for improving user experience visually.

It is suggested that you begin with SEO audit guide and then update outdated SEO before deciding to follow these Search Engine Optimisation tips and strategies. Once you are done, make sure your new strategy is working properly by checking out the entire guide for measuring the content marketing ROI. Thus, by following these effective SEO tips and advice, you will surely be able to boost your website ranking for 2020 and much beyond. 

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