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Best 3 Ways To Market Your Medical Practice For 2018

3 Ways To Market Your Medical Practice For 2018

Posted on: Sep 21, 2018 4 min read

Over the last decade, technology has changed significantly and with that, we have too. In a world that practically lives online, it is important for your medical practice to be there too. In this blog, our experts will show you 3 of the best marketing methods for your medical practice that you need to get adopt immediately if you want your business to grow.

Create a mobile app:

If you happen to be over the age of 25, you would have experienced how the world has changed and is changing year after year. We live in an extremely fast-paced environment where the world operates 24 hours a day, every day. People’s time has become priceless and therefore, the mass adoption of mobile phones has happened. This is quickly replacing desktop and having a website is no longer enough. You need to have a mobile application as this will give your patients more control over their medical decisions at their convenient time.

Recent research shows that over 20% of bookings are made through a mobile application and those numbers are only expected to rise in the next 2-3 years.

If you require any advice or help regarding you’re a mobile app for both iOS and Android, please get in touch with us today at [email protected]. We would be more than happy to help you.

Use Google Places

Google places is perhaps one of the most important and basic strategies that you must have implemented as soon as possible. Google is the biggest search engine in the world and the “go-to” place for literally anything for everyone from around the world.

Having your SEO optimised and claiming your medical practice on Google will help people from your local area to find you. Once your medical practice is linked to Google places, you will be able to link your website to your page which will give you the opportunity to find new business.

Work on a newsletter or email campaign

Email is one of the oldest marketing methods in this digital era. Despite the fact that a lot of people believe that email marketing is not as useful anymore, we can reassure you that it is still very relevant and a lot of business can be squeezed out of it if deployed effectively.

Email marketing is fantastic if you want to create a conversation with your patients regarding overall health and provide them with extra value.

Regarding newsletters, you will be able to utilise the method by announcing workshops or any other important events that your practice may be doing in the near future.

Data shows that e-mail is the preferred form of communication for customers in the United Kingdom.

If your medical practice requires the help of digital marketing experts, please speak to us on [email protected] where we can discuss your concerns and discover all the possible solutions.

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