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Reasons Why Your Current Website Isn’t Converting Customers

4 Reasons Why Your Current Website Isn’t Converting Customers

Posted on: Oct 31, 2018 6 min read

Owning an online business isn’t a rare thing in this day and age. Having an online business that converts properly online, however, is quite rare to see due to a few reasons.

In today’s blog, we want to show you the 4 most common reasons why your website is not converting properly and teach you what you must change in order to completely re-shape your website so it’s more converting than ever.

1. Your visitors don’t get the chance to convert:

On daily basis, we deal with clients that struggle to convert their website visitor. Business owners often focus so much on making the website perfect in regards of design and content that they forget to give the customers a chance to convert. One of the best ways you can find a solution to this is by making sure that you make it easy for your website visitors to convert by placing conversion opportunities across your website and almost every page. Make sure that you offer a conversion opportunity in the header and the footer of the website. This will significantly help you and increase conversion levels by a significant amount.

2. You annoy your users too much:

This is a huge one, especially in 2018. You simply cannot get away with being annoying unlike 10 years ago because you have a lot more competition that is already nailing the conversion matter of their websites. A simple solution to this issue can be by simply simplifying your website and making it flow easier. Get rid of excess information, buttons or colours that don’t flow. Also, make sure that you don’t have any adverts running on the side. This is going to completely kill the potential of your business. A simple rule of thumb would be, think about the customer experience over money and you will see a significant increase in conversion over time.

3. The visitors get distracted:

You know the pop-ups that you can add to your website? Yeah, please make sure that you keep those to a minimum unless you have a very important message to convey or an offer that your customers would love. Otherwise, you should avoid pop-ups as they distract your potential customers from the reason as to why they are on your website.

Other distracting things can be too much colour, text or having an unorganised website that is all over the place. You want to make the customer experience flawless and make sure that they from start to finish process is simple and easy.

4. You don’t provide sufficient value:

If you have managed to get an internet user to your website, you are half of the way there. Now you must make sure that the visitor finds exactly what you promised them before they clicked on the link that directed them to your website. If they don’t see value in your content straight away, they will bounce and go elsewhere to find the answer to their question. - DubSEO

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