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Killer Success Strategies for Small Businesses

Killer Success Strategies for Small Businesses

Posted on: Sep 18, 2018 5 min read

Having a small business can be a very exciting experience, especially when you start seeing profits coming in on a consistent basis. We want to help you become even better and more profitable and bring you value so that you can be the best when it comes to marketing in your own industry.

We will go over the organic aspect of building your business’s online presence and making it worthwhile. These are long-term strategies, therefore if you are looking for the “quick buck”, this article probably is not for you. We want you to build a sustainable and long-term business, and we will give you everything you need to know right here, right now in 5 simple steps.

Engage with everyone from your industry

This is probably one of the most important strategies that we can suggest to you. We cannot stress enough how important it is to be part of the community in your own industry. If you have been on Instagram for a while, you would know that this happens a lot and we want you to stay away from this one mistake that people make. Don’t just comment, comment something meaningful and valuable. Just leaving an emoji in someone’s comments is a useless attempt. Yes, you are commenting, however, the person reading your comment won’t find value, whereas if you have a meaningful input and you have genuinely brought some value, then they might follow you and even become a customer of yours in the long run.

We recommend that you do that as much as you can as the more you put into the community the more you are going to get back. This strategy work on every platform, therefore you can allocate your time accordingly. We do suggest that you don’t miss out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Build your follower base the smart way

This is similar to the first point that we have made but has a slightly different approach. Building your follower base this way will be of immense importance down the line once you get the ball rolling.

Rather than following and unfollowing people, just to get followers, we recommend that you stick to the same hashtags (If you are on Instagram) and go back to them every single day and comment on the top posts which most likely would be from the same accounts. If you leave your input day in and day out, those accounts will soon notice that and this is when things start to get interesting as you are building relationships with actual people that can benefit you. Remember, for the long-term, it is always more important to go deep rather than wide. What we mean is that it’s better to have 100 die-hard fans rather than 5 million followers that don’t care about your business.

Be Consistent

Have you heard of the saying “Consistency is key”? While this isn’t necessarily the only part of the recipe for success, it is a huge part, especially if you are playing the long game. You can’t expect people to follow you and your business if you post 4 times a day and then disappear for a week.

Patience is your best friend

Nothing good happens overnight. You just have to have patience. Many businesses struggle at the start. This could be weeks for some and years for others, but being patient and not giving up is your best friend. You just never know who will come across what you do that can make all the difference in your business.

Give people a reason to follow you

Reverse-engineering your own followers is everything. You need to know why your followers follow you. What is it that you are giving them? Entertainment value, information, or are you just very good at what you do?

If you have not found the reason as to why people follow you, or you are just starting out, figure out why you are different and what you can bring to the table. It doesn’t have to be different, you just have to be better than the next guy and you will win.


If you combine all these strategies and you deploy them effectively, in the long-run your chances of success are much greater than a lot of businesses that fail to stick to their strategies and actually follow through. At the end of the day, if you are good enough, you will win.

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