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Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies

The 5 Most Reliable Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies to Follow

Posted on: Apr 07, 2018

When the world’s first cryptocurrency, the infamous Bitcoin, was first launched, no one expected it to reach the unprecedented heights of success that it did. But as of now, it is steadily losing its value in a fast-growing, competitive market. As it stands other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, amongst many others, are steadily gaining prominence among investors. So what makes the oldest cryptocurrency lose its almost mythical popularity whereas, its competitors are steadily gaining ground?

According to senior marketers in a renowned blockchain marketing company, commercial success of any digital currency depends largely on the right marketing approach. Read on to know about the appropriate technique to market these electronic products. 

  • Perform a thorough market analysis to understand the market scenario: The initial step to launch any new product or service is to understand the market condition and it holds true for digital currencies too. This effort will prove helpful in more ways than one, but most importantly it will tell you whether it is the right time to launch your product or not. Timing itself is a crucial factor behind the making and breaking of any product or service. If your analysis effort tells you the time is yet not ripe, you should wait sometime before launching your crypto offering. 
  • Creating your white paper: As an ICO company, you need to publish a white paper, including every technical and non-technical details of your digital coin offering. To make this ICO marketing strategy foolproof, make sure that the white paper covers both the financial and commercial aspects to cater to the expectations of every potential investor. The more captivating and well-informative your white paper is, the greater is the possibility to get more investors. 
  • Sound knowledge on relevant rules and guidelines: The world of cryptocurrency is governed by certain rules and restrictions. In order to market your digital coins better, it is important for you to have sound knowledge on the rules and regulations. This knowledge will also help you answering any questions from your potential investors. It is also important to note that cryptocurrency marketing also involves taking proper measures on the security aspect and implement the relevant regulations to safeguard the interests of the investors.
  • Community building: Social media is overwhelmingly popular these days. This is a clue enough to understand the necessity of building a community for your crypto coin. This community building will also prove helpful to promote your product across the targeted market. Building such a community is never a piece of cakewalk. Thus, to implement this crucial cryptocurrency marketing strategy, you may think about hiring a reliable digital marketing company. DubSEO is a popular SEO company in London that not only helps you building your own crypto community but also promotes your coin across the other existing communities. 
  • Work on your email list: Good old email marketing proves its necessity once again in marketing crypto coins. In fact, you should start preparing your email list and start email marketing campaign for your digital currency even before launching the ICO. Just put up an email subscription form on the website to enable interested visitors subscribe to receive updates and all other relevant information about your product. The email list will also prove to be a useful tool in promoting your crypto coin across a particular user group. 

Follow these basic ICO marketing strategies to promote your digital coin in the market. To get a free quote on ICO marketing cost, feel free to contact DubSEO ( by clicking on the link. 

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