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Rules for Video Marketing & SEO

5 Rules for Video Marketing & SEO Success

Posted on: Sep 09, 2018 6 min read

Over the last 5 years, video has become an immensely important form of communication in the internet space and is very quickly replacing written form. According to our experts, in 2019, video will be 80% of the communication across the digital marketing space. We can clearly see this through the never-ending growth of YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram.

Statistics also show that people engage a lot more with video content than written, therefore it is important for your business to start adapting and adopt video marketing in order to increase your SEO success in the years to come as the market shifts towards video form.

Why Video?

Before we get into the top 5 rules, let’s talk about why video. Why not podcast or radio?

Video is the most powerful way to spread brand awareness and fully express yourself and communicate with your audience in a way that no other communication method would work on a global scale.

It is also pretty popular and has absolutely no competition that could replace it in the next 5 years, therefore you really need to concentrate on video if you want your brand to grow to new heights.

1. Mobile Optimisation:

Just like video is taking over the world over written form of communication, it is the same with mobile against desktop. The numbers of mobile users over desktop are rising each year with no sign of stopping, therefore it is important for you to ensure that your entire business is mobile-optimised otherwise, you will be losing out on a lot of business.

Simply ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, otherwise Google will penalise you hard and that will hurt your SEO for a long time.

2. Metadata:

This is very similar to optimising your website page with a meta title and meta description. It is important for you to make sure that you are doing the same for video.

Search engines are very smart nowadays, therefore it is important for you to have a relevant title, description, and tags as Google will use that to identify the content and rank it for video results.

3. Transcribe Your Videos:

One of the disadvantages of using video for your SEO is that search engines are unable to watch videos and gather the content behind them to help with the boosting of your SEO – at least not yet.

We do have a solution for this though! Make sure that you have a thorough and detailed transcription of your videos so that the search engine crawlers get an idea of what your video is about so that they can do their job and determine whether it is worth a user’s time or not.

4. Create an Engaging Thumbnail:

Let’s talk about thumbnails. If you have been on YouTube, you would know how important they are and how much they would determine the view count.

It isn’t about the quality of the video that you have, but the first impression. Does the thumbnail trigger intrigue in the user? If not, make it happen because people don’t click on videos that aren’t interesting and no one is going to click to find out if it is a good video because there are millions of videos online and very few get views and that is because of the thumbnail.

The thumbnail is also the first thing a user sees, therefore if you have a default thumbnail or it looks crappy and pixelated, you can forget about getting the results that your video deserves.

5. Encourage engagement:

One of the best ways to ensure that you get views on reoccurring basis is by having a loyal fan base. Then even if your SEO or thumbnail is crappy, if you have been providing quality content, your fans will click regardless.

It isn’t a bad thing to ask the people that watched your videos to like and subscribe. It will help you immensely, but at the same time focus on providing value up-front.

If you need further help with your SEO, please get in touch with our SEO agency, we would be very happy to help grow your business. [email protected]

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