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5 Tips for SEO Experts to Utilise Google Trend Better

Posted on: Dec 25, 2017

Google offers a host of free tools for better SEO. One of the most effective yet underutilised tools is the Google Trend. It helps you gauge the ongoing trends in the SEO industry in simple way. Here are some great tips that will help you utilise this more effectively and mark positive impact on your SEO projects.

A word of caution however from experts working at a trusted SEO company in London. Before using this free tool, make sure that you know how to use it properly.

  • Start big and then trim down: In the past, Google Trends allowed users to enter parameters straightaway. Nowadays, the main dashboard has been made much simpler and it prompts users to Explore Topics, before narrowing down one’s options. So it is a good idea to start with a big keyword for a given topic and from this point onward Google Trends will offer you the following options:
  • Google Trends Filters: You can target a particular geographical market using Worldwide. You should use multiple time selections, as this helps you get a clear-cut idea of both long-term and short-term trends. Filtering by category is also important in this context. These apart, Search Type, which includes news, YouTube and the web, can’t be ignored either.
  • Context is unbelievably crucial: The best thing about Google Trends is it works in a realistic way. It displays results not compared to the popularity of all the existing trends on the whole. Rather, it is based on the past heights of the entered keywords.

Suppose, “SEO company in London” is a popular search phrase. The default setting will show you its search volume over the last 12 months.

Given the graph, it may seem the search trend was pretty low. Now, you set it to “2014-present.” This shows the trend to be quite stable. So you should always refined the data period to get a better picture.

There’re various ways of adding context, like:

  • Filtering by category or country
  • Using the “+ Compare” tool to include any new keyword
  • Searching online
  • Focus on more advanced and specific search options: Success in SEO largely depends on going beyond the basics and getting access to advanced insights. Google Trend offers a set of 5 options to make this task easier. These are as following:
  • The default web search
  •  News search
  •  Image search
  •  YouTube search and
  • Google Shopping

Every separate click will bring up results based on the various segments of your targeted market. To select the ongoing trends, select ‘Rising’ option. This approach may lead you to a brand new trend and help reap extraordinary dividends on your campaign.

  • Location-based targeting: One of the most careless ways of using Google Trends is exclusively focusing on the keywords. To secure the best results, you should include a location mix. Just zero in on particular geographical locations and sub locations.

Thus, while working on the key search phrase, SEO company in London, it is good practice to include the adjoining regions like Surrey, Essex, Sussex, Kent    and others. This approach proves exclusively effective in running paid campaigns, like PPC, and local SEO.

  • Predicting trends: Do you know the easiest thing to accomplish in the world of SEO? It is logging into Google Trends and sort out the trends that leave breadcrumbs trails. An internet marketing company which offers SEO services in London generally follows all the latest Google trends. However, it is indeed counter-productive to follow this one, because almost all other SEO experts will be following the very same data.

To lay your hands upon extra and more meaningful insights, try to use the data in predicting trends. You can definitely count on Google Trends to show the hottest trends of the day. Here’re some tricks to help you on the aspect.

  • Set filters by particular countries or categories.
  • Compare between any two different key phrases within a single trend.

Follow these tips and drive your SEO campaigns to higher levels of success.

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