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7 Reasons Behind A Non-Optimized Site

DuBSEO’s 7 Point Guide To Why A Non-Optimized Site Might Rank High on Google

Posted on: Jun 26, 2015

It is well known that the process of Search Engine Optimisation is key to ranking on search engines.

However, some sites rank highly even if they are not properly optimised. In some cases even backlinks are not present. 

So why is this?

1. Click Through the Rate: 

The click through rate is often dealt with by the browser's algorithm as with Google, for instance. The calculation here is done based on the total number of clicks and ranking follows.

The calculation is mainly made on a percentage basis. As the percentage increases, so does the ranking.

2. Longevity: 

In many cases high-ranking sites are those that have been around for a long time. It is true that many of them have fine content and back link support but many more without backlinks and content also rise in the ranking.

3. Use of Backlinks: 

Backlinks are important to ranking. Not only the number but the quality and relevance are rated by Google. These quality backlinks will help the site rise up the ranking.

4. Cross Linking:

You may not have the right kind of SEO strategies for your website, or even the proper quantity of backlinks, but cross linking can make a difference.

Cross-linking makes the site more interesting for users encouraging visitors to return.

5. Quality Content Usage:

Even without proper SEO technique, the quality of the content is very important. Browsers like Google want to see appropriate content .

6. Competition Factor:

Competition is key. Keywords that over years of usage, have become bring sites down in the ranking, where sites with more attractive and unique relevant keywords, seen an increase in the ranking of the page.

7. Issues of Growth Rate:

To make their site grow many companies focus on growing backlinks and increasing quality content. Even without the SEO process. This will help, although it is important that growth is at natural pace.

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