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Reasons why Entrepreneurs are uncertain to implement SEO

7 Reasons why Entrepreneurs are uncertain about implementing SEO

Posted on: Jan 24, 2017

There are over 3.52 billion active internet users worldwide by 27th December' 2016 and the number is growing at a rate of approx 50% by 2018. Businesses in 2017 will spend an estimated $613 billion for seo services worldwide, with budgets rising even faster. According to Media Post, investment in digital-marketing services tripled, up from the previous year's total spends.

Search Engine optimisation (SEO) is an important aspect of online marketing however, it is yet a new concept for many business owners. There are various misconceptions that force businessmen to give away the thought of SEO for the growth of their organisation in London.

Despite this you will find several reasons why it is actually beneficial to include SEO within your strategic plan. We have brought together some reasons behind the hesitation of business owners to implement SEO.

1. It is difficult

SEO is neither a lay man’s job nor rocket science for an expert. Simply put, Internet marketing is continuously evolving. A strategy made last week might be out-of-date this week. The fact is that lots of misleading and wrong information about SEO has been spread out.

In spite of thinking it as a troublesome aspect, spend some time following online blog posts on SEO to get authentic and reliable knowledge on the subject. Read on for some helpful links other than Search Engine Land that will help you get a good start.

Latest Search Engine News: SEO Round Table & The SEM Post 
SEO Blogs: Moz & Ahrefs 
Marketing: Marketing Land & MarketingProfs 
Conversion Rate Optimization: Conversion XL and Unbounce 
Follow SEO Experts on Twitter: Search Engine Watch’s Editorial List & Most followed SEO Experts 
Gaining proper insight on SEO might require some time, but only then will you understand SEO inside out. You will know about the wonders of Search Engine Optimization for your company.

2. Is it a Scam?

Many scammers take advantage of the partial knowledge business owners have about the subject. When choosing a SEO company the first thing is to stay away from any guarantee that they offer. Google keeps altering its algorithm through updates. As such, if you are assured with the first position on Google ranking immediately you are being cheated. This is because a reputed SEO agency won’t be able to ensure your website to be on top in the search results within the time span of say, one to two months.

Educate yourself before joining up with a reliable SEO agency. You can take benefits of various free online resources such as blogs, webinars, and hangouts to gain sufficient information for a growing business.  

3. An SEO expert might damage your business

There is no doubt that bad SEO will lead to degradation of your organic rankings. However, this would happen when you go for it blindly without much knowledge, and this is a rare case.

You need to take a smart beginning with small steps to get good idea of potential Return on Investment (ROI). This will also allow you to have good relations with your trusted SEO agency in London, as well as marketing experts. 

Watch your Business Grow through Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation with DubSEO.

4. It is a large investment

The most efficient thing about SEO is, you may begin with small moves and observe it in the course of time. You can then make the decision to make bigger moves. If you are into good SEO, no matter if you have a small or large business, the potential ROI will show you the steady growth. When you see high returns, you will know the worth of making that investment for your SEO.

5. Quantifying my spending is difficult

Well, this is actually a common misinterpretation. By using different tools for landing pages and generating leads, you can bring in quantitative website traffic. Whether you have a large or small business, clicks, keywords, impression and traffic can easily be recorded. Google Analytics enables you to see the comprehensive screenshot of the exact position of your online business.    
Additionally, custom analytics will let you know the detail information of each and every one visiting your site. This is a great way to implement for future optimisation. 

6. Content creation is wasting money

Creating quality content makes your users stay with you for a longer time. To elaborate, investing in content management can help get more visitors and increase your web traffic dramatically. SEO and content are two sides of the same coin. According to study by Ascend2, almost 72% of marketers trust on creation of significant content as an efficient strategy for better SEO.  Make sure your website has unique and relevant content that couldn’t be found elsewhere. 

7. I won’t see faster results

Yes, it is true. But do you know if this happens you will lose your highest rank with the same speed as you got up there. As soon as you get a new competition, you might get replaced. Now, you must have got the point – stay calm and consistent. When you ask a reputed SEO company the estimated time of results, the common answer is “it depends”.

Many agencies start showing results within 4 to 6 months, some even take more. Regardless this, the results are more superior in course of time. The secret is just stick to it patiently for as long as you can. Once you plan to make investment in SEO, get ready for the beneficial outcome in the long run. 

At first instance, SEO might seem to you as climbing a mountain to reach higher summit. But eventually, as you start working with a knowledgeable SEO expert, you will know its efficacy. Even a small business can get better online visibility and good position in the SERPs with right SEO.   

Contact DubSEO to give your business a steady growth with increasing visitors, strong web traffic and better online presence. 

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