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7 Tips to Improve Content Marketing Strategy in 2019

7 Tips to Improve Content Marketing Strategy in 2019

Posted on: Dec 10, 2018 6 min read

The world of marketing is changing almost every day and traditional methods for promotion of products/services are no more successful like before. How will you be sure that your content marketing strategy isn’t lacking behind? Now, it is the right time to think forward and adjust plans for the coming 12 months. You may take help of professionals working in a reputed content marketing agency in London and boost your content marketing strategies for success. Check out 7 great tips to think what you will have to improve in the year 2019.

1. Check your present marketing strategy – An important way to begin 2019 is to assess your marketing tactics. Sit together with your team and talk about all those things that really worked well this year and the areas where you will have to show improvement in 2019. Take a close look at the marketing strategy to know whether the plans are appropriate for the coming 12 months. Now, if you have not created your content marketing strategy for 2019, then begin drafting plans to communicate between different teams.

2. Improve content distribution tactics – Content distribution is a vital part of marketing strategy and it is not sufficient to write quality content if you cannot show it to your target audience. Distribution is changing almost every day and 2019 is going to encourage marketers for spending more time in searching for the right tactics to reach your online audience. Some questions you need to answer are:

  • Which are the best performing acquisition channels?
  • What is the journey of visitors to the website?
  • What are the devices that our target audience uses for consuming content?
  • What is the right time to reach out to the audience?
  • Which kind of messaging works the best for content promotion?
  • What is the frequency for promoting your content?

These questions will help to update your content marketing strategy in order to adjust with the needs of the audience. Thus, you can improve your content distribution tactics to ensure that you may remain efficient.

3. Focus on the best performance channel – With rapid change in content marketing, different social media channels are used for the promotion of quality content. Now, it is the right time to discover the best performance channels for using them in a strategic way. Search for the marketing channels that the target audience will spend their maximum time and draft a suitable strategy for reaching out to them. Use the right channels to improve your learning skills and attain success in 2019 and beyond.

4. Know your target audience – Experts working in a SEO agency in London have said, content marketing means reaching out to huge number of people and improve brand awareness for a large-scale campaign when you have a targeted audience. Modern marketing is about setting content tactics and specific objectives to improve the success of your brand. Try to focus in a niche audience so that you can increase more engagement and better conversions. Know your audience properly and thus, increases the chances of greater ROI to your content marketing efforts.

5. Write unique and informative content – It is quite tempting to come with newest content marketing ideas regularly. Before you may think for writing your next content, think of those objectives you would like to attain from it. Some questions in this regard are:

  • Will it fit into the content marketing objectives?
  • How can it be appropriate for target audience?
  • Does it provide something useful to the audience?

Marketers are investing their time in updating older content than writing new ones. This can be considered to be a good way for maintaining good SEO strategy and finally, updating the best content.

6. Take time and consider budget for experimentation – It is certainly great to spend your time in focusing on the best-performance channels, however it is useful to invest some time and budget for implementing newer ideas. Look for promotional tactics and new channels that are the next part of marketing strategy.  If you are spending time on voice technology that might be relevant for the target audience, then it is definitely worth the effort for experimentation.

7. Consider your audience at first – You will have to know the requirements of your audience in order to ensure that the content marketing strategy remains successful for the coming 12 months. If your objectives or target audience have changed in the last 1 year, then make sure you reflect those changes on your marketing strategy. Spend time to know the behavior of your audience and what they require from you.

According to professionals of a SEO agency in London, UK, the best way to begin is by going back to content marketing tactics you have already used this year. Bring your team together to evaluate previous campaigns, know if they have fulfilled business objectives and where you can improve in 2019. By adjusting your marketing strategy and following the best-performing channels, you can spend more time on your targeted audience.

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