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Alternatives for Google Analytics

9 Alternatives for Google Analytics

Posted on: Sep 10, 2014

Google analytics is a popular tool on internet despite several issues associated with it. It has gained popularity due to:

  • It is free for use up to 10 million views every month.
  • Secondly it has got bundle of features that undergoes development on a regular basis.

Below mentioned are the list of Google analytics tool used for site development. Content comprises an important ingredient for a site. In this respect SEO services in London is popular in terms of providing quality service and to on a timely manner.


There is always something with the systems that makes them easy to use. The interface of Clicky tool is quite simple and allows easy navigation. Further it does not contain any flash applications thereby making it easy to use on mobile also.

  •     Real time feed
  •     View Log for individual visitor
  •     Customized tracking
  •     Funnel analysis
  •     Split testing
  •     Tracking Goal
  •     Heatmaps
  •     Uptime Monitoring


It is necessary to determine the most suitable time for posts so as to obtain better response from audience. There are certain tools by which it is possible to determine the most suitable time for sharing contents. In this respect, Timing+ and Steady Demand Pro are known as tools for effective time management for posts to obtain user response.


  •     Customized Dashboard
  •     Goal tracking
  •     Visitors Detailed log
  •     Plugin Marketplace


Gauge is another analytics tool from Google labs. It works in a simple manner. The purpose behind gauges is allowing data availability on a simple manner and that on a proper interface.

  •     Use is simple.
  •     Analysis based on Real time
  •     Team support available
  •     API available
  •     Dashboard which is Flash free for better view on mobile


It is a different tool from Google analytics. It stresses on events rather on individual page views. It is meant for organizations doing business on packed goods or services and comes with a bundle of features.

  •     Analytics based on behaviour
  •     Automation support
  •     Lifetime value for customers
  •     Retention reports in a detail manner
  •     Running Q & A with funnels
  •     Notifying customers on Web and mobile.


It is a platform from the house of Web trends. This analytics tool from Google is equipped with heat maps and is quite simple for use. The set up of the package is quite easy to install without much complexity.

  •     Heat maps
  •     Analytics on Real time basis
  •     Tracking users those are registered
  •     Breakdown on hourly/daily and monthly basis


It is an analytics tool from Google that focuses more on behaviour and actions of visitors than on the individual views on page. It is greatly recommended over other tools like Clicky and Google analytics.
The price incurred is depended upon requests generated irrespective of page views.

  •     API availability
  •     Tracking on personal level
  •     Unlimited users
  •     Tracking on real time basis


It is an analytics package that is fully event based. It is a platform that gives stress on visitors and provides importance to their visits.

  •     Reports are unlimited
  •     Data Segmentation
  •     A/B unlimited split tests
  •     Data Export
  •     Contact list for Group
  •     Metrics specialist availability


It is an analytical tool that specifically builds profile for individual visitor and makes changes in a way suitable for one's business.

  •     Live Chat
  •     Stats in Real time
  •     Advanced Segmentation
  •     Custom Tagging
  •     CRM features
  •     Advanced reporting
  •     Mobile App or Desktop client
  •     Team support

Adobe Analytics

It is build specifically for meeting the enterprise requirements. It provides user with analytics code to access the software. The most important thing with Adobe analytics is that it can run on its own and does not require involvement of an IT team.

  •     Social analytics
  •     Video analytics
  •     Mobile Analytics
  •     Analytics on Real time basis
  •     Data integration through third party

Choosing the Analytics package

Deciding on the right analytics package depends upon the work platform. The package must have the following characteristics:-

  •     Metrics
  •     Additional functions like Heat mapping
  •     Technical requirements
  •     Easy usage
  •     Budget

Further the demo package of the application must be available so that the user can test before actually using the original one.

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