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The Top 9 Expected PPC Trends for 2019 to Stay Aware About

The Top #9 Expected PPC Trends for 2019 to Stay Aware About

Posted on: Dec 23, 2018 7 min read

Merry Christmas!

The year-end festivity has already rolled out all over the world including London. In the jovial atmosphere, everyone’s prepared to usher in the New Year 2019 within a very few days. This is the best time to take a look back into the ongoing year which is about to end within less than a week.
2018 has been a tumultuous year for PPC marketing. The year witnessed some significant changes across the world of PPC. For example, Google changed the name AdWords to Google Ads, along with the introduction of a wide and stunning range feature, campaign type options, targeting options, enhancements and tools. In short, the search engine has broadly redefined its interface to provide a better experience to its users.
Keeping in-sync with the Google trend, Bing Ads too included dozens of fresh features, better targeting capabilities and report generation to offer an improved user experience. LinkedIn has launched profile targeting for businesses. Last but the least, online shopping portal Amazon has also joined the fray and allowing companies to target their respective audience directly on the electronic shopping portal itself.

In this competent situation, what are the expected PPC trends for 2019?

Let’s take a look.

Keywords versus audiences

Keywords or phrases are expected to sink in importance and people and context will have greater priorities in 2019. In other words, keywords won’t anymore be the unique lever for primary searches. On the other hand, separate opinions are heard as well. According to this school, the difference between successful and average PPC campaigns is going to be marked by proper segmentation of audience data and its implementation. For this, a comprehensive audience targeting strategy is needed. A section of the experts is of the opinion that investing more time and effort to create and optimise targeted customer segments will be the key to success in PCC marketing.

Automation versus human intelligence

Automation is already in. Google, Bing and the other major search engines are expected to introduce more smart features in the upcoming year. Even automation features of Google Ads are supposed to get improved shortly. The crucial factor to success in this situation is to know the point where you should replace the inbuilt automation tools with their third-party counterparts. Although this PPC trend won’t get down to the level of competition between man and machine. Instead, the trend is more likely to identify the PPC campaigners, who utilise smarter processes to leverage automation and send competitors home.

Amazon and other major advertising platforms

eCommerce brands are expected to have a great time in 2019 with better chances to reach out to buyers with greater personalisation along with precision. Bing Ads is currently working on local inventory ads that show availability of stock within an area to boost in-store visits. Facebook is offering new and instant storefront template formats to automatically generate videos with product personalisation to stir the urge of targeted customers. Pinterest offers a new feature to include price and availability of a product to enable users to buy directly. Moreover, it is also gearing up to make personalised product recommendations to the vast user base. Based on mobile-first indexing, Google offers local catalogue ad to display both local in-store availability and cost in a user-friendly, easily scrollable mobile layout.

The role of account manager in PPC marketing

AI (artificial intelligence) is certainly going to keep redefining the world of PPC campaigning, but that won’t affect the job prospect of PPC campaigners. Rather, they will play a more crucial role in selecting the system that will provide their clients with greater mileage. Another section of analysts thinks under the changed circumstances, PPC marketers will need to implement their skills in the background of machine learning. In 2019, the focus must be on aspects like leveraging automation, mastering new-market analysis and developing cross-channel and complex strategies to achieve success. The PPC advertising trend in the near future is expected to gravitate towards smart, automated bidding, query mining, ad testing and serving and such other aspects.

Cross-channel advertising and attribution

Now, it is both easier to build and coordinate multi-channel campaigns. In the changed circumstance, successful PPC campaigners are expected to focus more on cross-channel and cross-device attributions. It’s high time for advertisers to realise that approaching consumers and keeping them engaged through different stages of purchasing funnel delivers the most-needed positive experience, which brings them back to you. Thus, the focus should better be on delivering a positive advertising experience that starts with searches.


Every advertisement must carry a message, and that message is utmost critical to help you drive to greater heights of success. As several versions of headlines and descriptions are available, PPC campaigners must be more careful in deciding if headlines 1, 2 and three will smoothly go with description lines 1 and 2. 

Video advertisement

Experts from a top-notch PPC company in London are of the opinion that your social (particularly video) strategies must be focused on improving SERP ranking. As far as video ads are concerned, YouTube is a helpful platform to reach out to your target audience. You can’t ignore video these days, because video content or video advertising is the most effective way to reach out to mobile users.


Remarketing is crucial because it offers both higher CTRs and conversion rates. It is a good idea to combine remarketing with the Click to Message ad format provided by Facebook.

Brand building

Experts unanimously opine brand building will remain the key in PPC advertising in the future ahead. Conventionally, PPC advertisements focus too much on ROI that the aspect of creating demand for a product is almost entirely overlooked. In the upcoming 2019, brand loyalty and brand affinity will be the two elements that will stand the test of time, unlike strategies and platforms.
In addition to the factors discussed above, DubSEO Agency experts add that many new ad types, reports and tools can be expected to get introduced in the year ahead.  These elements will take PPC advertising to newer heights of execution.

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