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Know Your Clients before Offering SEO Services to them

Know Your Clients before Offering SEO Services to Them

Posted on: Feb 08, 2017

The success of SEO techniques totally relies on the effective outcome, without which there is no worth of being technologically advanced. In case of inexperienced businesspersons, the field of internet marketing may appear as full of unseen hazards but to an experienced one may find it full of objectives to accomplish. 

Selling SEO services for local business becomes hard when a client does not understand the utility of such services. Therefore it takes huge effort not only to increase the brand awareness but also to educate clients about the value of such services at the same time. Know what an agency in London goes through, while approaching their clients to take SEO. 

Educating prospective clients:

It is the first and foremost step before you offer services to your clients. If your clients are not experienced enough, make them aware about your SEO practices. Show your prospective clients how other businesses are growing based on quality SEO services. Present some comparative analysis of different phases of a project that you have worked before and illustrate how a company image has been evolved with time after taking SEO services. 

Performing a quick review and audit: 

Find the entire common mistakes your client’s old website have. Mistakes like non-static URLs, poor link building, copied content, non-crawlable website, poor website structure etc. Several tools are available here, with both free and paid options, and allow you to perform a quick audit. It would be better to use a client’s web master tool that gives deep insights of a website’s status. 

Analysing the competition around: 

Before you know how to sell SEO services in London, know the current trend and facts people inclined to. You may even ask your clients to inform their preferred keywords, if they have any. The intention behind asking preferred keyword is staying aware of client’s prospect to reach their customers. 

Next, look around the market, see who are in better positions, and try to identify how they increase traffic to their respective websites. Comparative link analysis of your competitors’ site will enable you to increase site’s authority. It takes integration of internal and external links to your website content. Before you initiate your link building approach, go for content posting with relevant keyword insertion.

Setting up goals and budget for the project: 

It is important to know your client’s internet marketing approach and set the goals before you sell SEO services to them. Client could ask you to increase the website viewers, rather than generating lead or vice versa. In such cases you need to understand the priority of each activity. According to the unique requirements of your clients, you need to schedule your activities and timeline. Be clear to set budget for your each activities and confirm it to your client. 

While working on your client’s project it is important to be realistic. Therefore, be transparent before and during the project completion. Offer your client an estimated value of the project that can quantify the objectives. Offering annual campaign overview enables you to educate your clients. Last, but not least, it is most important thing to examine if the client can afford price for SEO services without any troubles. 

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