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Best Paid Advertising Methods Online

Best Paid Advertising Methods in 2018

Posted on: Oct 09, 2018 5 min read

We have reached an era of the internet advertising world where there are a lot of marketing methods that can significantly help you in reaching your perfect customer that will take your business to a whole new level. Majority of those advertising methods are unfortunately paid, therefore, if you don’t have the budget and are willing to invest resources into paid advertising, then this blog probably isn’t for you, however, we do recommend that you do continue on reading as we will discuss the 2 Best and most effective paid advertising methods in 2018.

1. Facebook Advertising:

You have seen this everywhere, Facebook this, Facebook that, however, Facebook really is the king of the advertising on a global scale. They have the capacity, data, technology, user-base and everything in-between to help you reach anyone, anywhere, at any given time.

Why Facebook? They currently have over 2B active monthly users. That is more than 25% of the entire world population. Over 90% of the western world is on Facebook, making it the best platform that you can advertise and invest money on.

Forget about newspapers, TV adverts, magazines, leaflets or any of those outdated marketing strategies. They no longer work as effectively due to the consumer behaviour shift. People are now online more than ever.

Simply, pay attention to your family members, especially the younger generation, when an advert comes on the TV, they will automatically go on their phone. That should give you a pretty good indication as to where you need to advertise next.

Also, Facebook’s cost for attention is extremely under-priced, therefore, you need to heavily invest and take as much advantage of the low prices as possible before brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other large corporations flood the advertising space with billions of dollars a year. This will create an insane amount of demand for advertising space which will put the price through the roof and that will take small businesses out of the equation because it will simply be too expensive to advertise.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is relatively new to the marketing scene, around 5-6 years old. This is when a brand partners up with a social media influencer and pays them money to promote a certain product or service infront of their own audience.

Why is this on the list you may ask? Firstly, it is extremely cheap and under-priced attention. Many of the social media influencers don’t know how to price their followers, therefore, you are likely to pay less for what it is actually worth.

The up-side is that you have the capability to reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, especially through Instagram, for around $150 dollars. You will not be able to get that anywhere else right now.

It is also a great marketing method because the audience already trusts the influencer that you are paying, therefore, that will not create a barrier between your product and the end consumer. The influencer acts like a bridge between you and the customer, making the whole process a lot more successful, profitable and just overall better for all parties involved.

Try it, you will not regret it. Yes, sometimes it will not work as you have to be careful of the followers that a particular influencer has. Here are a few things to look out for. If you see some of these in a particular account, then please don’t waste your money on them.

  • Meaningless and spamming comments.
  • A lot of followers and not a lot of likes (1 million followers and 3,000 likes isn’t a good example).
  • Sell-out accounts (Every other post is a promotion).

It is better to work with an influencer that has 10000 followers and has 500 comments on average than an influencer with 10 million followers with 300 spammy comments and 5000 likes.

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