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Best SEO Tips 2019 to Boost Google Ranking

Best SEO Tips 2019 to Boost Google Ranking for Your Brand

Posted on: May 28, 2019 6 min read

Google is still the Numero Uno traffic source for any blog or website. The question is why? There are many relevant traffic sources but Google is considered as the best. Search engine optimisers from DubSEO – a reliable SEO services company in London will – explain just why Google is something that your business needs to focus on.

When you manage to get on the first-page of Google’s organic search result, the number of visitors for your blog or website will go up dramatically. With other traffic sources – however relevant they may be – this doesn’t happen.

On the other hand, if you miss out being on the first-page of Google SERP, the number of your visitors as well as conversions will both drop down drastically. In fact, this drop is so severe that it becomes difficult for MSEs (micro and small enterprises) and even many SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to sustain. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best tactics of 2019 that will help you reach the top of the Google rank results for your selected keywords.

Target the right or accurate keywords

Without targeting the right keywords, it is almost impossible to rank successfully. There are a number of tools – including the Google’s keyword research page – to help you select more accurate or effective keywords. While researching on relevant keywords, remember that your target is to focus on those keywords that have the potential to generate high search volumes. Only those keywords that can generate high search volumes can drive heavy traffic to your website or blog.

On the other hand, securing first-page ranking for highly competitive keywords or search phrases is not only difficult but also almost impossible. Therefore, it is a realistic strategy to select some niche terms that are a little less competitive. Never select only one keyword; rather select a few likely terms so that you can mix them up in various combinations to drive results.

It’s a good idea if you want to include long-tail keywords but make sure that you select active long-tail search terms instead of their passive counterparts.

Focus on generating high-quality content

Marketers dealing in search engine optimisation in London caution that there’s no better alternative to high-quality content. Content quality was never so crucial to Google in the past as it is now and therefore, you have to generate informative, relevant and easy to understand content for your targeted readers to scale up the SERP listing. Make your content easily shareable. When your content gets shared by others, it helps you generate high-quality back-links. 

Your sitemaps must be up-to-date before submission

When Google tries to rank a page in SERP, it looks for the relevant sitemap. Therefore, it’s crucial to create sitemaps and update them whenever necessary. Nowadays, plugins have become widely available. They help you create and update your sitemaps. This makes your task easier. When you’ve an updated sitemap, Google understands that there are changes in your website and it ranks your latest posts or web pages accordingly.

Fix all on-page SEO issues

Off-page SEO is mostly done to generate backlinks. Make sure to fix all on-page issues before you start working on any off-page ones to get backlinks. Your off-page SEO efforts will only provide results when all meta tags and descriptions are filled out and your entire on-page content is fully optimised.     

Importance of high-quality backlinks

High-quality backlinks contribute to online prominence of your blog or website. Google assesses the relevance and importance of your webpages on basis of the good quality links they have generated. The greater number of backlinks you generate from high-authority and relevant websites, the higher chances your webpage have in occupying higher SERP rankings. These days, spammy links do not provide you with any benefit and Google is very particular about it.

Reliable SEO companies in London follow the strategies mentioned above while catering to their clients. You should also toe in line to reap the benefits.

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