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Can an Automatic Reload Script have an Affect on SEO

Can an Automatic Reload Script have an Affect on SEO?

Posted on: Aug 04, 2020 5 min read

Do you know that reloading a script automatically will not have any affect on SEO? Well, it is still considered to be a bad idea, on the whole. Read on to know why it is not worthy enough revenue gains for a short term. An important question that arises in the year 2020 is, “Does a script that auto-reload a website in every 5 minutes hurt SEO?” It has been found that it leads to certain changes for some data in Google Analytics such as “Average Session duration.” The answer to this question is no.

Certain things that occur through JavaScript after loading of the website will probably have either little or no effect on SEO. The keyword there is after the website loads. When you code this terribly wrong, it is quite possible that you might reload the website before it is technically loaded, thus giving yourself an infinite load time. But as long as you can code the refresh properly, there should not be any issues on the SEO part.

Experts who provide SEO tips have said, if you are loading a website related to puppies and then performing a quick JavaScript refresh to a malware site or phishing, then you won’t be immune from an algorithmic downgrade or manual action. But if you are trying to reload the same content, then you should not have any SEO issues.

Why would you want to do this?

There has been a question about a concept known as “ad refreshing”. Great thanks in part to COVID-19 and reduced ads spend which is now becoming the most hated tactic on the Internet. If you need to know more about it, then click on a result from Google news to go half way down and, boom, the web page refreshes.

What is the reason behind it?

It is all about generating ad revenue. Professionals of a healthcare marketing agency said, at present due to the global pandemic, many reputed brands have drastically lessened their ad spend which means lower CPMs for the publishers.

What will they do?

The publishers will try to improve as well as increase the impressions. By refreshing the web page, every visit will be generating more ad impressions. Surely, it will reduce the click-through rates and based on how they execute, it might screw with some analytics metrics, however it usually results in generating more money till the ad networks find out. However, it is highly recommended to avoid using this specific tactic. Surely it will not have any affect on SEO, but it is indeed a bad idea on the whole.

According to professionals of DubSEO SEO Company, your users will hate it and the ad networks will not be a fan it too. Your site analysts will be messy. If this practice becomes more pervasive, then it wouldn’t surprise to look for search engines or web browsers for taking some kind of action against it in future. But, it is not at all worth the short-term revenue gains. So to answer the question, it will not affect your SEO though it will possibly affect everything else.

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