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Content Marketing Strategies for Better Link Building and Digital PR

6 Content Marketing Strategies for Better Link Building and Digital PR

Posted on: Feb 21, 2018

Content is king for SEO. When it is about link building, you can build quality links or get proper coverage without something valuable. While many articles and conferences have encouraged informative and unique content, few have discussed about what it looks like or how it can be used for content promotion. Let’s discuss about 6 content marketing strategies to be incorporated into your SEO strategy for the most favorable off-page success.

Try to use what you have 

Whether you are working in-house or as an agency, it is important to know about your assets and talk about link building and digital PR opportunities. It is well worth to invest your time into what exists already and to speak with your business contacts who want to be figureheads and comment on topics that can help in improving features.

  • Use your hobbies and interests: If you have a marketing manager, you can enjoy some comments and link opportunities for least effort.
  • Become an expert: Experts of the best SEO agency in London said, if your client can recognize an area where they can be leaders, it will be much better for you. Try to create an expert profile and you can respond to the requests made by journalist and put yourself in front of clients, when such opportunities may arise.
  • Mine data sources: Data is an extremely powerful source for PR and new content. Your client might have more data than you can even think. If there are internal data sources, you may use it for writing a content or story that is both compelling and newsworthy.

Learn to borrow links from other sites 

It is important to make your content more informative and engaging so that it can attract links and have more viewers. You can do this by borrowing links from other websites.

  • Office for National Statistics: You can go through the Office for National Statistics for UK based data which is available for free and can be accessed by everyone. The truth is that most data will remain unused thus, providing you with great opportunity to capitalize on the present information and use it further in your own campaigns.
  • Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a good place to find new content and PR available for free online.
  • Do not neglect the importance of offline marketing: In today’s world, it may be easy to forget about the importance of marketing beyond internet devices and laptops. In reality, it is offline marketing that encourages online campaigns for getting more links and supporting the success of overall campaign. Thus, by creating online or offline marketing plan, you may find varied opportunities to incorporate them.

Hacking press

The approach is about knowing what the press is exactly looking for and then giving it to them. PR hacking is about understanding the importance of good quality content and appreciation of journalists. Some content formats are always received properly and we can use the strategies for better coverage opportunities.

  • Comment on topical as well as non-topical stories: Journalists simply love to create interesting stories and comments are a great way to do this. If you think something is relevant for your specific industry, then preparing a comment section means you can reach at it as the story breaks. You can make the process convenient by planning a PR calendar and jotting down everything such as new data releases, political updates or national and international awareness.
  • What is covered will be covered once more: Professionals of SEO services agency have said, it is extremely important to be familiar with content topics or stories that work on them. Try to think in a different way, “have they done it or they could have done?” and, more importantly, “could I do it better?” If a story has been appreciated for engagement and user reach, it’s quite possible that the journalist will again use something similar.
  • Journalists are in love with current data: When discussing about getting PR coverage, you will find better tools than data. We have already discussed how valuable asset data can be however, applying it for news story and presenting it to the journalist for further use in a visually appealing way can actually bring high rewards. Make sure you are aware about latest topics to provide the most relevant data of greater value.

Create interesting news from absolutely nothing 

The idea of “making news from nothing” is related to spotting things that have the possibility to be relevant or sharable, and sticking to it for new and creative way.

  • See it from a new angle: When you tap into the present news story, it can be quite easy for links and PR coverage. By discovering what has been talked about in your industry, you will be able to create something new and interesting from a unique angle.
  • Brand new content: This is the place where you can write interesting news by creating stories that match with what you want to tell. When trying to develop news from absolutely nothing, consider the story you wish to tell others and how you can get to the point.

Search for content in forums

Forums are a good place where people love to share their opinion and talk freely. When you can tap in those conversations, you have the probability of creating great and highly sharable content.

  • Ask Reddit: Ask Reddit is the place where you love to search for new ideas for your content. Sometimes, people ask irrelevant questions that have got no meaning in their own way. You may develop content depending on what people ask or create your own questions and gather valuable feedback of clients, in that way. Subreddits are equally important if you are looking for topic-related feedback.
  • Social listening: According to experts of SEO agency in London, social listening is the right place to invest your valuable time, particularly if social reach is one of your KPIs. What you actually search for on social media is the relevant topics that bring interest to people and are shared. If you can recognize influencers in that niche, you may reach out to people for better insight or build relationships with them as a way of spreading content after it goes live.

Develop your content

The final approach is thinking about your content as much as possible. When you think of creating content, try to get as much engagement as you can. One way how this can be done is to create unique content that is highly sharable and may gain more links through solid outreach tactics.

Another way is how you can grow your content in a better way. This can be done from different angles. Thus, the development of content can come through adding new content over time.

The secret for top quality content

It might sound fluffy, though good content can only attract users to go through it. This is why it is important to have solid understanding of your target for the success of the campaign.

Thus, by considering the above-discussed content marketing strategies, you can develop content that will attract, engage and convert more visitors to be your prospective clients in future.

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