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DubSEO Launched  In-House Video Production Division - Press Release

DubSEO Launched It’s In-House Video Production Division - [ Press Release ]

Posted on: Oct 05, 2017

DubSEO - Sept. 25, 2017: Increasing popularity of video content is compelling SEO companies to modify their marketing strategies to reach out to a larger client base. In a recent development, DubSEO, the renowned SEO company in London, announced the launching of its video production service. A press release, attributed to a senior marketing executive, came into circulation some hours back. It read, the brand is now also into creating in-house videos using its dedicated team of professional photographers and video experts.

As far as the SEO industry in concerned, this is certainly a very timely and pioneering move in the right direction. Demand for video content is steadily rising across the verticals of the industry. With its own dedicated, in-house team, DubSEO is expected to cater to clients’ expectations better than before.

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