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Way For Better Interaction on Google+

Eight Way's for Better Interaction on Google+

Posted on: Sep 13, 2014

There is always a concern in the minds of users upon sudden decline of organic reach in Facebook. Still before that Facebook has enjoyed the one and only status for company brand management. With this Google+ has achieved to gain a little space by the side of the popular social network Facebook.

What is presently on Google+ ?

There are certain topics that obtain better response on Google+ as compared to other social media. The best way to determine that is by using a tool named Buzzsumo, where it is required to type topic, domain name and also the domain name for the competitor. Further it is possible to segregate the search results through Google+ in order to determine the working posts.

Post as per audience availability

It is necessary to determine the most suitable time for posts so as to obtain better response from audience. There are certain tools by which it is possible to determine the most suitable time for sharing contents. In this respect, Timing+ and Steady Demand Pro are known as tools for effective time management for posts to obtain user response.

Using the benefit of authority influence

The best way to publicise one's site is to avail the aid of those who have already established themselves and have audience ready site. The point to concern here is to finding someone who already has experience in using Google+. In this respect there are certain tools like NOD3x which helps in finding the key influencers. Thus once the key influencers are identified one can plan accordingly to better use their experiences.

Maintaining regular interaction with users

In order to obtain influence from others it is quite essential to engage in talks with others. It is accomplished by the following means:

  •   Sharing Google+ posts actively.
  •   Making comments on the posts of the followers.
  •   Indulge with others on Hangouts.
  •   Discovering communities that are relevant and also engage with members.

The best way to interact with others is by asking questions directly. The conversation must be friendly and must have a helping tune instead of engaging in direct sales.

Better format of posts

Upon formatting the posts it is sure to obtain improved interaction as a result of such a change. In this respect it is better to learn the shortcuts for quick formatting. One can use symbols for post enhancement. In this respect, one can hire the services of best SEO Company in order to obtain posts as per user preference.

Adding images for Google+ post

Adding images always increase the attractiveness of a post and it is especially when the size of the image is 736x1103 pixels. It is not about posting anything and thus must ensure that the visual is eye-catching to the followers and target audience.

Using Blog to increase comments

One can use blog to increase the comments through mutual interaction. Copyblogger is a tool on Google+ that helps in increasing the growth of the followers.

The Takeaway

On a personal basis it has been found to better go with Google+ rather than twitter or Facebook. With decline of Facebook's organic reach, Google+ is the one and only option to reach the posts to the users.

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