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Online Blog Post Promotion

Eleven DubSEO tips for Online Blog Post Promotion

Posted on: Nov 21, 2014

If you want to share your blogs online, then there are some tricks of the trade used by experienced bloggers that will help. Traffic cannot be generated without the creation of quality content. Content should always be search engine friendly. Sharing your posts to different social bookmarking and social media sites is a great way to boost online traffic.

Here are tips recommended by some of the most talented SEO experts.

How to Share Blog Posts and Gain Online Promotion After Publishing

  • Google+ Profile: You can share your published posts to your profile on Google+ for increased traffic although this should include a customised call-to-action. You can also add hash tags to increase online visibility.
  • Google+ Page: The online community of Google+ will help you to get a great response from your targeted audiences. But you need to stick to community rules in this regard to ensure increased response increased response.
  • Facebook Profile: Publicising your blogs is only possible if you share your Facebook profile as from there the posts will be shared to many other places. Utilise the fan page of Facebook to grab the attention of a larger audience.
  • Using the Fan Page on Facebook: Use the Facebook fan-page to create a customised call-to-action facility to increase online response. User comments are useful and will highlight content as a result of which increased visibility will follow.
  • Publishing Posts at Pinterest: One of the best means of sharing posts online are to post them with eye-catching images. Creating hash tags to your online profiles can also be useful.
  • Twitter Sharing: Your posts will get increased traffic online if you share posts through your Twitter account. Articles can be tweeted many times as a result of which online traffic will increase.
  • Use StumbleUpon: This is a discovery network that will give you higher social book marking for increased visibility and online promotion of your blogs. In this case, descriptions and proper tagging are also included in order to highlight posts.
  • Share Posts by Email: Bulk emails are one of the most useful means of sharing your posts with many users at the same time. You can introduce catchy titles and PPC strategies and increase the number of clicks to your posts.
  • Retweet: Use the latest web applications to increase the retweeting count on your blogs.
  • Using Scoop It: Multiple content can be submitted here in order to generate increased traffic online.
  • Use Flickr for Blog Images: Blog images on Flickr, will target wider audiences.

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