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Eliquid Marketing Strategies for Vape Shops

Effective Eliquid Marketing Strategies to Boost Business for Vape Shops

Posted on: Apr 02, 2020 9 min

Smoking is severely injurious to health and can lead you to cancer. Everyone is aware about these facts and yet zillions of people in the world are smokers. Considering the harmful effects of smoking, an electronic alternative to it, called vaping, is very popular. It is also known as electronic cigarettes, e-cigs or e-juice and is much less harmful for the health than tobacco cigarettes.

Researches carried across many countries reveal that vaping is a reliable way to give up smoking once and for all. As e-cigs are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, online vape shops are coming up in quick succession. As a leading SEO agency in London, DubSEO handles some of the major online vape shops as clients. Based on that experience, it shares some tips to help you garner sales and improve the conversion for your online electronic vape outlet. 

Launch and stick to a well-planned customer retention program

  • Start with collecting names, e-Mails and contact numbers of as many potential customers as you can. There can be a draw every month and the lucky one or lucky few get an e-juice bottle, a battery or any other relevant item based around vaping.
  • You can also tag the monthly winners on social channels like Facebook. This way you get some additional social exposure for sure.
  • There can moreover be a “buy one get one free” offer.
  • Your customers can also purchase your items worth X amount and get X% off.

The strategies discussed above are simple and have proven to be effective. Moreover, they are capable to provide you with long-term results. This way, you can bring back the existing customers time and time again. The strategies will also help you with “word of mouth marketing”. As far as the vaping community is concerned, word of mouth marketing can really do wonders to boost conversion.

By now, you’ve completed the major portion of the task, assure experts from the leading SEO agency in London – DubSEO.

Improve your online visibility

The Google My Business or GMB is an useful resource to improve the online visibility of your vape shop. Apart from that directory, listings and citations also prove to be very effective. Launching a website is a costly affair and may not be feasible for many start-ups. You don’t need to worry. We’ll discuss some strategies that don’t require a website.

  • Create a GMB listing with every relevant detail about your business in it.
  • Create a Facebook page as well.
  • Apart from that, create a YouTube video for your vape retailing outlet. To keep the cost down, it is a good idea to create a slideshow video using applications like Animoto.
  • Keep the video simple and attractive. The objective is to generate high-powered citations from it for “vape shops in the city”.
  • At this stage, register a domain with your brand name. You don’t really need a website – just the registered domain is enough to redirect visitors to your Facebook page.

Now, you’re just left with creating 75/80 citations and get them listed on Bing and Yahoo! In addition to the search engines, you have to submit some of the citations on niche-specific forums and directories. Make sure that the forums contain posts on “recommended vape shops in #city or #location”.

This way, you bring both relevance and exposure to your vaping business without bearing a hefty investment. It is one of the most assured ways of attracting, converting and retaining customers.

The strategies on e-Liquid marketing that are discussed above are already tried and tested by DubSEO. This SEO-services provider possesses excellent track record in improving prominence, sales, conversion and revenue for businesses – both online and offline.

As a quick recap, these strategies will help you:

  • Unearth untapped opportunities with your already existing customer base.
  • Work effectively on aggressive retention policy to facilitate repeat business from existing customers.
  • Improve online visibility of your business to attract new customer base.

Please feel free to contact us to clear away any query that may arise. You’re also invited to share your experience with us.

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