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Facebook Marketing Trends for the Upcoming 2019

A Peep Into Facebook Marketing Trends for the Upcoming 2019

Posted on: Dec 09, 2018 7 min read

Facebook marketing is one of the most excellent tools that are available to take your business to the global platform. It offers you to be unbelievably innovative in your business expansion. Facebook prioritizes e-Commerce marketers. So, it modifies the marketing strategies routinely every year to facilitate their businesses. The commercial world is more volatile compared to before. To court success in a fiercely competitive environment, you should stand distinct from your competitors and earn trust from the target audience.

In the following paragraphs let’s discuss some of the crucial the Facebook marketing trends 2019 that will help you achieve your goal.

Why Facebook

To start with, let’s discuss some raw facts about Facebook – one of the most popular social media platforms of these ongoing times:

  • Monthly active users: 2.2 Billion
  • Daily active users: 1.4 Billion
  • Photos updated daily: 300 Million
  • Videos viewed daily: 8 Billion

Considering this statistics, it is easy to understand why you can’t afford to ignore Facebook to drive your e-commerce business to higher success.

An FB shop on your e-commerce store

A renowned online marketer in London says, if you have an active Facebook community and yet don’t have an FB store, your resources are grossly under-utilized. Opening a Facebook shop on your store is a great way to provide your customers with what they want. You can access the necessary functional plugins from Knowband for Magento and Prestashop stores. These utilities allow you to integrate your store on your FB page.

Benefits of an FB shop

Conversion isn’t easy to achieve, as customers are becoming increasingly selective before making a purchase. It takes a lot of effort to convert a casual visitor to a customer. The Facebook shop is a medium that increases the chance of conversion in your store. It also allows your customers to shop for your services or products more efficiently. They  click on the Store tab to view your products or services on a single page.  Considering these mutual benefits, SEO experts in London suggest their clients open FB shops on their existing e-commerce stores.

Customising your FB shop is easy

  • High and user-friendly customization: An FB shop is highly customizable. You can change the button colours, add or delete products and much more. On the positive side, your Facebook store won’t make your life any more difficult. As you update your e-commerce store, the changes get instantly reflected on your Facebook shop. So, neither you should make any extra effort nor maintain different inventories to manage both the e-commerce store and Facebook shop.
  • Smart analytics to track customers more easily: One of the best things about the Knowband FB Store module is it provides immense help in understanding sales better. It offers a comprehensive range of analytics to make it easier for you to know where your visitors are coming from, how many of them are from Facebook, the point where they left and other such crucial aspects.

How Facebook ads prove helpful

FB ads offer more benefits than you think.

  • It boosts the visibility of your products on social media.
  • Allows you to choose your target audience based on factors like age, gender, interest, and everything that they do on the web.
  • You are allowed to specify the interest or choices of your target users.
  • An impressive range of in-built performance metrics makes it easier for you to measure ROI and track performance.
  • Boosts customer loyalty: DubSEO experts believe FB shops offer a grand way to increase customer loyalty for eCommerce businesses.
  • Encourages exposure for your business: Along with running Facebook ads, you can partially run a PPE campaign (or Pay per Engagement) at the expense of a little money to expose your business to a larger target audience.

One of the best things about FB ads is even if your targeted customers are not clicking on your ad, and the announcement remains continually visible in their news feeds to boost engagement. This creates retargeting the customer easier in the future.

Keep eyes open to FB Live and stories

As far as Facebook is concerned, live content can drive as much as three times more engagement. Facebook Live displays the content that is for the moment. It allows you to quickly go live by displaying your office events, product launches and much more. Going Live on Facebook is more likely to engage a large of the audience right on the spot. At the other end, Facebook stories are excellent content clips for the moment. Include your new products or services, discounts, offers, testimonials and anything else you want, a part of your Facebook story.  

Focus on consumer-generated content

Consumer-generated content is a powerful tool because it provides the necessary social proof that other potential customers look for it. The material, which is designed by your target audience proves engaging to others. Consumer-generated content may include anything ranging from photos with hashtags (#), queries, shopping experience, product feedback, video streams, and discussion.

As far as Facebook marketing for the upcoming new year 2019 is concerned, follow these tips and you’ll reap a handsome dividend with time.

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