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Bringing Ads to Facebook Stories, Expanding Reach Options

Facebook's Bringing Ads to Facebook Stories, Expanding Reach Options

Posted on: Sep 05, 2018 4 min read

As you may already be aware, Facebook Stories are not as popular as Instagram Stories. Even so, Facebook remained confident that the stories format is the future, which is why they are still available for their users to take advantage of.

At the F8 developer meeting earlier in 2018, a couple of Facebook’s executives, including the founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, mentioned that the stories format is soon to overtake the news feed later this year.

Instagram stories have the staggering 400 million users, and the WhatsApp ‘Status’ is currently at 450 million. The humongous growth is can not be overlooked. Facebook on the other hand receive just over 150 million daily actives on the stories format.

The main reason Facebook implemented stories is to increase the brand’s potential and their capacity when it comes to connecting with their customers. A staggering one third of the most viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses.

Facebook's been testing ads in Stories for the last few months, with Facebook-owned Oculus among the first participants.

The Facebook adverts displayed on stories were tested at 5 and 15 seconds, which are also made to be skippable, which should increase the potential of success of the stories ads when they get rolled-out properly.

Facebook have admitted that they will carefully monitor how the story ads get integrated and how consumers interact with them so that users don’t get put off.

As users become more and more used to seeing stories being displayed at the top of their Instagram feed, Facebook itself seems confident with pushing with that option too as statistics don’t lie.

The option to expand your advertising to Facebook Stories will be yet another social ads toolkit which you can take advantage of.

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