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Lighthouse To Improve Page Load Performance

Google Introduces Lighthouse 3.0 to Improve Page-Load Performance

Posted on: May 22, 2018

Lighthouse is a Google tool that is meant for developers. It helps developers in making better web pages by providing them with a set of audits for a given URL. Following the guidance and the tips that Lighthouse provides, it's easier to boost the performance, load time and other crucial features of any web page. Recently, Google has released the version 3.0 for its Lighthouse web development utility.

Lighthouse 3.0 is meant to facilitate:

  • Faster audits and
  • A brand new interface to report to users

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After reaching this far of the blog, you may ask using the Lighthouse how do you improve the page load performance. You've to get accustomed to the latest features that Lighthouse 3.0 offers to boost your page load performance. These include the following:

  • Much faster audits with a very little variance
  • An excitingly new user interface for reports, which has already been mentioned above
  • Both the CLI and the Node versions of Lighthouse support the same configuration option
  • The weighted average of Performance audits is calculated as the Performance score
  • The latest version of the Google utility also has certain changes in audit weighting
  • The audit report can now be displayed in CSV, HTML, PDF (Each line will display the information and reports of an individual audit) with Lighthouse Chrome extension.
  • There's a change in JSON output
  • New audits will now include First Contentful Paint
  • You're now expected to use video formats for animated content
  • It is now about time to avoid those multiple, expensive round trips to any point of origin
  • There'll furthermore be two major changes in audit - First Interactive to First CPU Idle and Perceptual Speed Index to Speed Index

Experts from DubSEO - the prominent SEO company in London, say the Lighthouse 3.0 brings great opportunity to the web developing community to delivering faster-loading and more efficient web pages. Just use this opportunity and upgrade your system to Lighthouse v3 without any delay.

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