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Google Allow Anyone to Add to Its “Street View” Database

Google Will Soon Allow Anyone to Add to Its “Street View” Database

Posted on: Oct 09, 2017

In this ongoing age of computers, technology is advancing in leaps and bounds every day. As a result, the internet and its capabilities are growing exponentially. Google has recently announced it will make possible for just about anyone to add to its Street View database, using the Street View Technology. To make this happen it is going to launch a programme, named “Street View Ready”.

The Google Street View technology, launched in 2007, providing panoramic views of cities and rural areas of the world in stitched images. It is an important feature in both Google Earth and Google Maps.

Can I be able to add to it?

As of now, only Google Street View cars can add to the Street View Database. But, soon Google will allow anyone to add to it. However, you’ll need the right hardware, in form of an Insta360 Pro camera, for the purpose. The gadget retails at $3,999 (£2665).

Is that a professional camera?

Considering the price, there’s no way to say it isn’t. The camera captures images at 8K resolution at 5 frames per second. In the near future, you can also control the camera with the Street View app on Google PlayStore.

What purpose will it solve?

In simple terms, this new feature will help local SEO company like DubSEO to promote their business near the office areas. Other than SEO companies and digital marketers, the Street View camera can help realtors to present beautiful images of a neighbourhood. City authorities can use it, as well as any new business that has just opened up.

The approach to promoting businesses has changed drastically in the recent times. This overall concept is meant to maintain accordance to that change and provide more digital assistance to businesses for their growth.


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