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Buzz about Google's Latest Search Update

The Buzz about Google's Latest Search Update Reinventing SEO

Posted on: Sep 09, 2016

The buzz is getting stronger that there is a new Google search update pending, although the search engine has not yet confirmed it. This recent algorithm update is said to be focused on core web search results. In fact, an increasing number of SEO experts confirm the update is already affecting their performance, cutting across different verticals of the industry. According to many, this is not a Penguin update but rather a Google core search ranking update that affects listing on a Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) listing. It is relevant to mention in this context that some of the most reputed search ranking tracking tools including Mozcast, SERP metrics, Accuranker and Alogorro are exhibiting hints that suggest there is some truth in the buzz.

Google's John Mueller Confirms the update was not due to the Penguin algorithm

There is a formal denial from Google that the much talked about Friday update has nothing to do with the Penguin algorithm. The denial came through Mr John Mueller - a senior Google Webmaster Trends Analysts. While attending a live Webmaster hangout on YouTube, the executive asked to strike off Penguin as the possible reason behind the Google update from this past Friday. He acknowledged that the search engine is constantly carrying out updates to its search result. Interestingly, he also mentioned that the changes the SEO community and webmasters are experiencing are a result of the routine updates. However, he did not provide a specific reason behind Google's latest routine update. In this circumstance, many experts in the industry prefer to receive an official declaration from the search engine for actual developments.

Google Quality Update - The Impact on Local Ranking

The majority of online conversions result from favourable customer reviews. Commercial establishments need to generate positive and favourable reviews to generate higher volumes of business. Considering the impact of Google reviews, businesses cannot depend on optimisng websites alone. They needs to regularly follow the reviews related to their services and products that customers keep posting. Although there is no confirmation yet about the rolling out of Google local reviews update from the search engine the buzz is growing louder that the impact is already visible. In this circumstance, many experts are of the opinion that an update on Google local ranking algorithm will be responsible for the suddenly changed results.

Final thoughts from DubSEO

Revenue generation is the final objective of any marketing effort. As long as the profit margins are not going upward and funds are not rolling in, each and every effort involved in a business is meaningless. So is business only about making profits and making money? Well, successful corporate bosses as well as local SEO experts will never agree. With the advent of the Internet, the SEO services of DubSEO play a crucial role in promoting businesses to success. These days corporate establishments operate in a different style. In this changed circumstance, revenue generation cannot be the only consideration, especially amongst those in managerial positions. It is more important to help the targeted customer base with relevant and accurate information. Teaming up with efficient SEO companies helps to generate higher revenues for businesses in the existing environment.

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