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Negative Reviews Impact SEO

How Negative Reviews Impact SEO

Posted on: Sep 03, 2018 4 min read

If you have owned a business for a while and have had the chance to experience bad reviews from customers, then you know the feeling. It isn’t a good one. If you are a new business owner, however, getting bad reviews early on can be mind draining because you start doubting your product or service and whether it is good enough for the market.

We get this question a lot, therefore, in this article; we will go over how negative reviews can impact your search engine optimisation.

Negative Reviews Increase the Overall Number of Reviews:

When customers search on Google for a local business, the results from the query shows several businesses. It also shows the amount of reviews your business has. Although, we don’t know exactly how much negative reviews impact SEO, what we do know is that having a range of reviews and opinions is good because it shows authenticity and legitimacy both in front of Google and people that search for your business.

It obviously isn’t good if your business is sinking in bad reviews because customers always read the bad reviews first over the good ones because that is just the way humans are. Customers heavily rely on mental shortcuts and opinions from strangers when making decisions.

Negative Reviews Are an Opportunity to Build Relationships with Customers:

Another great benefit of negative reviews is the opportunity to build a relationship and find a solution to your customer’s problem. This will not only benefit your complaining customers but anyone that is reading the bad review as you are showing that you care and are willing to step in to fix the problem regardless of what it was.

In this day and age, people very much value customer service and heavily care on how the business responds and makes the customers care when they make decisions on first-time visits or repeat visiting of the business.

Negative Reviews Can Drive Your SEO & Content Marketing:

Negative reviews are a fantastic source of information for better understanding of your customers. They could help you amend and change up your SEO strategy if needed. Negative reviews can also expose what your business is missing which will help you better the overall product and service so customers in the future are happier and more likely to return and do business with you again.

The more you understand your audience and the more you show care regardless if it is a bad review or not, the less likely they are to complain in the future.

Embrace the Negative Reviews:

At the end of the day, you cannot make everyone happy. There will be someone that will hate what you do; therefore all you have is to just embrace it. We do recommend that you do reply to each review and try and find a solution and turn the table, if not for the complaining customer, at least for the people reading the reviews. It is important to show that you care, regardless if the review is negative or positive.

Negative reviews will also help you grow as customers are often very good at seeing things from a completely different and unbiased perspective. It is a great learning curve.

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