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Secret to Attain SEO Success

How Ongoing Education is Your Secret to Attain SEO Success

Posted on: Nov 20, 2019 10 min read

The biggest search engine, Google will not tell how search algorithms work exactly and so, the answer you get in SEO is, ‘it depends.” Though this is not at all a satisfying answer, there are several reasons behind it such as – different sites, audiences, competition, niches, etc. But what if there had been the perfect SEO strategy you might leverage to attain success in SEO despite your kind of business? Well, that would indeed be great. This is actually possible and the only thing to do isto keep on learning. Ongoing education is vital in attaining success in SEO. This is how London based SEO agency experts and the top brands remain on top in the search engine results.

SEO is an ever-changing industry and the same rule is applicable fordifferent search rankings. How would your SEO strategy appear if you had been following the best practices from the beginning till date?You would just have keyword-stuffed web pages and search for blog comment links that you would not perform in terms of search. Make sure you educate yourself constantly to stay updated with the changing times and follow the best practices for SEO.

Take a look at the year 2019

If you want to know how quickly SEO changes and why continuous education is essential, you do not need to look further than the present year.

In 2019, there have been major changes and important trends that have lefta drastic impact on SEO. Some of these trends are the following:

  • The progression of how Google measures E-A-T and its significance for search rankings.
  • Google’s constant push to answer different queries within the search engine result pages and its emergence of zero-result queries.

This will enable you to know how soon things can change in SEO. Let us take a quick look at each of these recent developments.

Influence of E-A-T on search and understanding it

E-A-T is not at all a ranking factor but this does not mean in any way that E-A-T won’t influence rankings or our understanding of. Investing in E-A-T influences our ability to rank properly.

Certain things you can do for improving the E-A-T of your site are:

  • Boost your online presence through third-party review websites.
  • Reducead placements on your website to prevent diminishing user experience.
  • Being apparent about what your brand is and who the people are for it.
  • Mention reliable sources and earn certifications from credible sources.

Is Google creating an answer engine?

According to the latest trends from Google, they are trying to push more towards getting an answer engine rather than a search engine.Google wants to answer all queries within their platform rather than offering quality links to those external resources.

The concept of zero-result search engine result pages is a worrisomeoutlook for SEO experts of a reputed SEO agency in London who want to improve search visibility and gain organic traffic from the search results. Besides that, there has been an increase in queries that show instant results but in zero-clicks which is not suitable for SEO purpose.

When you target any specific keywordsdue to large monthly search volumes, you will struggle to earn organic traffic.

These are some of the changes and updates found this year that help to reveal how quickly the SEO landscape might change. If you fail to pay proper attention and improve your skills, you will remain behind in the long run.

How to keep yourself informed with SEO

The SEO industry is simply about working together and sharing the most relevant information. As no one actually knows how Google’s search algorithm works, it seems to promote “we’re in this together” mentality within the SEO space where people share their findings to move collective understanding ahead.

Some ways you can tap into the industry for supporting your ongoing SEO education are the following:

  • Organise industry events and trade shows.
  • Remain active on social networking websites.
  • Watch and read online content.

Industry events and trade shows

One of the ways to know what is happening in the SEO industry is to attend industry events and trade shows. The presentations at these events usually feature thorough research and proper discussions from SEO point of view. These platforms enable industry experts to share their discoveries, new studies and sometimes feature experts from Google to share the latest practices and recent updates on search results.

If you cannot make it, follow sponsored hashtags on Twitter and keep an eye for repetitive posts. Though these options might not be of much value, you will actually miss out all networking opportunities like blogs and social posts tostayside aside of the biggest takeaways from this event.

Social Media

Talking about social media, it is the right platform to know a lot about Search Engine Optimisation.Twitter for example has an active SEO community.Twitter is often the right place where recent changes and updates for search engine rankings have been discovered and shared.

SEO professionals who work with DubSEO can compare and share the changes they find in real-timethat allow to spot trends and draw conclusions about how search results keep on changing.

The objective is to search for the right group to boost your knowledge, areas of interest and find a group that is active so that you canget engaged yourself. This is one of the most effective ways to know more about SEO.

SEO Content

The SEO industry is simply great for sharing knowledge and there will never be shortage for quality content. Whether it is just a blog post, video or podcast, you will always find new and informative content. Certain websites like Search Engine Journal offer the best for both worlds with actionable and thorough blog posts as well as proper analysis of the latest developments in the field of SEO.

The procedure for writing an in-depth guide on a new topic requires the complete understanding of that topic. Thus, if you need to learn something new, try writing a post for that specific concept.

Try to test everything you learn through SEO

The most suitable way to improve your knowledge and challenge SEO assumptions is by performing actual work and experimenting.You need to keep a track of the results of your SEO efforts to be sure you are working to accomplish your desired objectives. However,you may also leverage these opportunities for learning better experiences.

Have you recently learned a new link building strategy? Well, you have to test it on a small scale within your campaign and ultimately measure the efficacy. Did you hear about the best practice for on-page SEO? It is important to put into practice these changes on the division of web pages and finally, track the results.The best way to learn this is by doing since it is not at all different from SEO.

There are various mitigating factors in terms of SEO such as – different business models, different sites, different niches, etc. The key with SEO testing and experimenting is to take the test and then scale up to get positive results.

With constant learning, you ensure to follow the best SEO practices and implement the necessary changes that improve the overall performance of your website.

Though there isn’t any guarantee for the success of SEO, ongoing education enables you to attain the greatest impact on your site, overcome any challenges and finally, achieve the results you have strived and worked hard towards.


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