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Predictions that will Change the Future of Social Media

How Social Media Will Change In The Future?

Posted on: Nov 01, 2018 6 min read

Social media has been around for over a decade now and since its initial beginning from social networks like Friendster, Myspace to today’s Snapchat and Instagram world, a lot has changed. The social networks of today have heavily invested their resources into bringing a quality user experience and are constantly working on developing new ways of keeping you, me and everyone around the world in the social psychological loop-hole of social media.

In this blog, we will open up on a few changes that will take place in the near future that will completely reshape the world of social media for both users and marketers.

1. Bigger focus on relationships:

You may have noticed how you constantly get spammed by brands and companies wherever you go online. Consumers are getting tired of this which can eventually significantly damage social media platforms, therefore, many social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook have strongly been working on repairing the consumer experience that was damaged from marketers by having a bigger focus on consumer experience and bringing back the focus on relationships, just like how it was back in the day all this social media world was.

Further down, we will discuss exactly how the social media and video sharing platforms have been working on replacing advertising space in order to improve the user experience without losing revenue and still continuing to grow both financially and in popularity.

2. Bigger diversity of posts:

For quite some time, users of social media networks have been unable to post much more than pictures, videos and text-form publications, however, with recent and fast-paced development of digital technology, users have become hungrier for new and interesting ways of sharing their day-to-day experiences with their friends, family and the world.

It is a very interesting topic, and we truly can’t wait to see what the giants in the digital marketing space have in mind for the years to come.

We strongly believe that voice will become a fundamental part of the user experience in the future, not only for private use and search but for sharing experiences.

3. Ad-free experience:

It’s not a secret that corporations and marketing experts have truly damaged the user experience online, therefore, video sharing networks and other like YouTube, have decided to invest resources in providing an Ad-free experience to their users, names YouTube Premium. The trick is that they do it against a small fee that will cover up the money that they would lose from not showing any advertising to you.

While this strategy works for the user and the social network as they get what they want, this strategy isn’t as ideal for us, marketers because we have to fight for advertising space, which would make everything a lot more expensive as demand increases year after year.

4. Stronger Emphasis on Privacy:

Privacy has been a very controversial topic that social media platforms have been fighting against to protect the user data every single day since the beginning of their existence. It’s a huge topic and a lot of social media organisations like Facebook have found themselves in hot water and have been working extremely hard in order to prevent scandals in the future and ensure that every bit of the user data is safely secured. -  DubSEO

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