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How to Create the Best Business Videos

How to Create the Best Videos for Instagram

Posted on: Oct 01, 2018 6 min read

Instagram is the most visually appealing social media platform that your business must take advantage of. It currently has over 1B active monthly users and is growing at rapid speeds; soon to become the main challenger for the number one spot amongst the millennial generation.

Instagram currently allows its users to create videos capped at 60 seconds in length and which they can post to their timeline. The platform also allows its users to post videos as stories, however, they are strictly capped at 15 seconds.

Despite these restrictions, Instagram is incredibly popular for videos, therefore, if you have the talent and capabilities to create amazing and engaging content in a short period of time, Instagram is your place and today, we will show you exactly how you can create the best videos for your personal brand or business.

Show, Don’t tell:

As we mentioned above, Instagram has gained its fame by emerging as the most “visual” social media platform due to its nature, therefore it is important for you to show your followers what you are about, not only because that is more engaging, but also because one minute is not enough to tell and engaging story.

Focus on Engagement:

According to recent research, Instagram generates around 60% more engagement than its parent company, Facebook.

A few of the best ways to get more engagement to your amazing videos is to simply ask, use relevant to your content hashtags and bring value to everyone within your community.

Make the Videos Square or 1:1:

Instagram is 98% mobile-focused. A lot of its features are not optimised for desktop use. For example, on desktop, you can practically only preview and engage with other people’s content as you cannot post anything yourself.

You have to adapt to the platform and its consumer behaviour. What we recommend is you to make your videos in a square shape or 1:1 as it provides a better user experience for a lot more people depending on their smartphone screen. Square videos also get 40% more engagement than landscape or portrait.

Focus on Quality Over Length:

Instagram is an extremely fast-paced platform and its users have almost no attention span, therefore if your video is not engaging and valuable to the viewer right from the start, then the chances are that they are going to click off and never come back.

This is not what you want. You must make sure that you provide valuable and interesting content for the full duration of the video in order to keep the viewer engaged which will also increase your chances of them engaging with your page and sharing your content elsewhere.

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