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How to Get Clients Online as a Personal Trainer By DubSEO

How to Get Clients Online as a Personal Trainer

Posted on: Oct 27, 2018 5 min read

Health and fitness have become an epidemic, especially in the last 5 to 10 years. A lot more people look out at what they put in their mouth and exercise, approximately one in eight Brits have a gym membership, creating a fantastic pool of potential clients for Personal Trainers all around London and the UK.

If you show interest in personal training, we will show you how to get clients from the internet that will pay you money for your knowledge and expertise in the field of fitness.

1. Use Social Media:

Social media has been flooded with businesses and personal brands that are looking for an opportunity to generate income online and live life on their own terms. If you are Millennial, you probably know everything about Social Media and why you must use it if you want to find clients that you can train in person and sell your online services to.

Places like Instagram are HUGE for health and fitness. Instagram is the number one place that you must go to when growing your personal brand. Secondly, make sure you use Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to interact with the community and bring value to them.

Your audience will not be on forums as the consumer attention has shifted to social media.

2. Record Your Workouts:

We get it. It can be hard, embarrassing or intimidating for you and the people around you when you pull out a camera and start to record your workouts; however, this is a very important step that you must take if you truly want to make a career out of personal training online.

By recording your workouts, you will show your followers your opinion on certain workouts, the benefit behind individual exercises, proper form and a whole lot of different things that your audience will appreciate. It will also build trust and a relationship between you and your potential consumer.

3. Offer Free Help:

If you come across someone struggling or asking for help, help them, for free. You never know who this person might be or who they might know and who knows, they might even become a customer of your just by spending a few minutes of your time explaining and helping them out. The good thing about helping online is that other people will see it too and that will show that you care which will affect them in a positive way when they see your name.

4. Engage With The Community:

Especially on Instagram, this one is huge if you want to grow your audience and find clients in the process. Leaving meaningful and valuable comments to someone’s post is going to benefit you a lot over time if you do this on consistent basis. We would recommend that you comment on at least 90 people’s posts per day as a minimum. You will slowly but surely see the benefits in engaging with the community

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