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how to repost content effectively on linkedIn and medium

How to Repost Content Effectively on LinkedIn and Medium

Posted on: Feb 16, 2017

There is a popular proverbin online marketing, “Content is the King”. As such, the importance of fresh, well-informative, grammatically correct content stuffed with factual information and written in a captivating manner cannot be ignored. However, a section of online marketers keep reposting the same content over and over again, across different online channels, particularly on LinkedIn Pulse and Medium, to get more views and secure greater exposure. This approach brings up the topic of duplicate content.

What is Duplicate Content?

To put it plainly, duplicate content is the text that is blindly copied from an existing page and then pasted into another, without making any significant changes. Now, there is a serious difference of opinion regarding whether this is a healthy practice or not. Experts in the field of SEO have different views and opinions over this matter. However, it is relevant mentioning that Google always tries to locate the actual source of the content that it comes across.  

LinkedIn Pulse Posts – A Content Marketing Initiative

On the other hand, LinkedIn Pulse is another great option to make your content more prominent across your professional network. It also caters to the audience that are not directly included in your existing network. To put it simply, Pulse posts are indeed a great way of reaching out to a larger crowd within a very short time.

Medium – The Robust Publishing Platform

Medium is a popular publishing platform that assembles high quality articles written by expert authors on different topics. The audience that access this online portal are more sophisticated and inquisitive as compared to the rest. Thus, re-publishing a blog on this particular platform definitely caters more to the cause of online visibility and exposure. Medium is strongly linked to Twitter – one of the most popular social media platforms in the present times. Republishing content on Medium is assured to bring you a substantial stream of visitors almost instantly.

Publishing duplicate content on LinkedIn and Medium

As already mentioned above, the opinion about the approach of republishing  content on Pulse post or Medium varies widely. A section of the experts has a unique solution for the issue. They suggest waiting for at least a week after content is originally published on a website, before it is posted on LinkedIn Pulse or Medium for a republishing.
Another smart solution is to write a fresh article but from the opposite perspective of the original content. Suppose, your original content revolved around the concept of “4 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post”, spin the fresh content on the topic of “4 Worst Ways to Promote Your Blog Post.”

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Brand Building vs. Search Engine Ranking

As an experienced online marketing professional, you are already aware about the differences between building brand image and achieving improved ranking on search engines from organic searches.

If your sole objective is building your brand value and not boost your online prominence in organic searches, you can conveniently republish duplicate content on Pulse Post and Medium.

Apart from the two tips above, you may also consider the following strategies to ensure your republished content remains safe from the zone of “duplicate content”:

  • Rephrase the entire blog post.
  • Publish the first paragraph of the content on LinkedIn with a link to the entire page. This will serve as a teaser and help you to achieve your goals.

Last but not least, Google confirms that unless and until a content is 100% copied or duplicated from an existing source, it will not be consideredas duplicate content.

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