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How to Shape Your SEO Strategy

How to Shape Your SEO Strategy for 2019

Posted on: Jun 08, 2019 7 min read

Have you heard the phrase- “Slow and steady wins the race”? Trust me! SEO is somewhat based on this phrase. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, requires constant effort. SEO takes time and requires updated changes made in the targeted search engines. The slower and steadier you go, the more efficient your SEO would be. As 2018 ends, watch out for the new and updated state of SEO in 2019. Get ready for SEO Strategy for 2019. Hire a London SEO Agency now!

SEO Strategy for 2019

Google is the most prominent internet searcher on the planet, controlling an incredible 72.68 percent of user searches, as indicated by an October 2018 report. In 2019, Google’s most predominant users are mobile devices and tablet users. This is why you can well imagine that Google is putting more effort in optimising the contentaround mobile and tablet users.

It is logically sound to pursue Google's SEO tips and best practices if you want to capture the crown and be on the throne of first page of Google.

Google is constantly changing its algorithm for how it positions sites and shows them to users. Brands may expect the SEO changes from Google in 2019:

  • Emphasizing on RankBrain and click through rates. RankBrain is Google's third-most important SERP ranking factor. It is an AI learning system that breaks down how users connect with search results. Google uses this information to rank sites depending on the users’ interaction with the search results. In 2019, Google sorts out sites on the main page of the SERP based on this RankBrain report. It’s the time to focus on bounce rates, dwell time, and click-through rates to optimise your rating via RankBrain.
  • Featured snippets are the most important aspect of Google for 2019. Google will keep on giving the most elevated positioning sites pined who have used these ‘featured snippets’ in their site. To get into one of these spots, your SEO must be faultless. Your organic click through rate must be as high as possible. Use keywords that you are already ranking for as well as for your featured snippets.
  • Mobile indexing- keep this in your mind. Since 2019 has come up with mobile and tablet users, Google’s most prioritising list would be mobile optimised content. This implies that every site needs to concentrate much more on mobile optimised content.

Do you know that Google has a Smartphone Googlebot crawler which crawls the pages for smartphones? It will get smarter and smarted with the years to come.


These are the only three major SEO rules to pursue in order to remain on the top of the SERP in 2019. We'll make a top to bottom plunge into the techniques to remember when building SEO in 2019.

Google is the main hotspot for SEO data, however, it's not the only company that chooses how business sites ought to work. User behavior and current technology can likewise affect SEO. SEO Agency in London have the expertise in knowing how to make the SERP happy with the current content on your website.


Google and other search engines have put more prominent incentive on in depth long form contents rather than short -keyword thrusting posts. Why? Users search for more information. Either they are reading about something or they have landed on a page to buy something. Users want to know MORE AND MORE about the product and thus finding long and in depth content will help them immensely.

They hope for long-frame posts, for example, whitepapers and manuals, to gather this data in a single web page. If you can satisfy these users through their enquiry, no one can stop you from achieving the first place of SERP.

Long tail content doesn’t mean that you just have to thrust information after information. Of course it should be eye-catching and appealing to the user. The users should not get bored after 20 seconds. That would imply that you actually fail to understand the user-expectant theory and the current consumer behaviour.


Your objective ought to be to enable users to discover each answer they look for on your page, without bouncing to different sites for more data. Your single page must contain everything that the user is looking for. The best way to write content within any niche is to become a user first and understand consumer behaviour. As an example, if a user searches about the advantages of soy milk, they would expect everything from the advantages to its benefits, nutrients levels and recipes. Ensure that you have all the data that the consumer may be looking for within the page for optimal results.

Try to create evergreen content. This is content that is factual and cannot be affected with time. Long-structure evergreen content that is no less than 2,000 words will give users a hope that they can keep returning to your website in order to get the information that they need.

You can make in depth long contents by characterising basic terms in your industry, distributing answers to FAQ, and distributing content that broadly expounds regarding a matter than your competitors. SEO Agency knows this very well and thus prefers to follow the guidelines as per the demands of the SERP.


Voice searching is turning into the go-to approach for every search engine. ComScore has anticipated that by 2020, 50 percent of every single internet search will be done by voice. The latest voice-operated tech, such as Sonos, Echo, and Google Home, is changing the world in which the users conduct searches and browse the web.  

By what means will this influence SEO? It implies that you have to actualise more voice-search keywords, for example,

  • "Close me"
  • "Close by"
  • "In [city name]"
  • "In [state name]"
  • Conversational and long tail keywords
  • Natural-sounding search terms
  • Hyper-specific search keywords
  • Semantic inquiries and concise answers

Since localised searches make up most of the voice search types, focus more on local SEO strategies to achieve a higher click through rate.


Google wants to make everything more genuine in their 2019 SEO strategy. Similarly as the modern user is making a push for brand identity, Google (and other web crawlers) are searching for innovation in SEO for the new year. Distributing unique content is critical to maintain a strategic distance from plagiarism penalties that the search engines hand out to websites that don’t follow the most recent regulations.

Initiating your very own unique content can result in a lot of astounding backlinks to your post or web page.

The more exceptional the content you distribute to your site is, the more you show Google that you truly value your users. Don't simply modify old substance or reword the existing data on the web. Instead, create fresh content.


In SEO Strategy for 2019, mobile optimised content is all got to go! Google has straightforwardly expressed that it will reveal another strategy that focuses more on mobile sites instead of desktop sites. It is therefore really important to adhere to this strategy by having a mobile-friendly version of your website, responsive site design, a mobile URL, and structured data.

If you are still confused regarding the latest changes, hire an SEO Agency right now. They can easily fix all your errors at once.

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