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how to use google trends

How to use Google Trends when Writing a Post for Your Blog

Posted on: Jul 29, 2018 6 min read

Have you recently been following popular trends on the Internet ? We aren’t speaking about trends within the fashion industry. We are talking about Google Trends - a tool which you must use when you write blogs within a specific niche.


Google Trends is a free of charge service that enables you to visualize what's currently happening within the world of Google. It’s simply helps you sort out what search terms are currently getting the most attention. Google Trends goes a step further by sharing data like keyword trends.


Charts and graphs associated with these particular keywords and topics are great, however will you able to use them as a blogger? Well, they will give you an idea with what’s currently happening in your business & your industry and what your readers are trying to find. This will give you an outline of what your readers are looking for and what they wish to read.


Utilizing the Google Keyword Planner to decide upon and arrange your keywords accordingly is always nice, however savvier bloggers can always go  an extra mile and use Google Trends which will undoubtedly help out. Running your keywords through the Google Trends tool will allow you to conclude on their quality, relevancy at this particular time and whether they are likely to get the attention of a viewer and the probability of them actually finding you organically through SEO.


If you are struggling with content ideas and are trying to discover some inspiration, Google Trends would be a great starting point for your search. If you decide to use Google Trends, you’ll be able to see what other writers are currently talking about. You will also be able to see what other brands are doing and the keywords they are using. This will allow you to produce highly relevant and SEO friendly content around those trends that are currently getting most attention.


If you have your own personal content calendar, this can make sure that you are one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to talking about relevant headlines. Google Trends will permit you to visualize the topics that are most liked at particular times of the year. This way you will be able to arrange your content accordingly. For instance, you will be notified regarding Fashion Week content and that it is most well liked during the February and September months.


Google Trends is a brilliant tool to utilize if you are creating extremely targeted blog content. It will assist you & ensure that you are using relevant to your industry or topic keywords so that you are more likely to be found through the Search Engines by internet users browsing the web.

Google Trends can even be useful for content writers who struggle creatively and the ones that like to be informed about the latest news within their industry.

If you're trying to accelerate your content, take your journal to consequent level and attract a loyal audience, it’s great idea to make Google Trends your new best blogging friend!

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